14 Best Jobs for People Who Hate People (Work Alone)

Best Jobs for People Who Hate People: Certain individuals do not gel well with other people; it has nothing to do with them being arrogant, it’s just that they prefer to work alone and hate working with other people. Also known as introverts, these individuals absolutely hate human interaction because it stresses them out. They crave self-autonomy because that’s how their efficiency is at a peak.

While the majority of jobs require you to work with other people even if you hate them, there are a plethora of job options out there where you can work alone. To your rescue, we have curated a list of the best jobs for people who hate people.

1. Software Developer

python coding Jobs for People Who Hate People

If you’d rather choose complex codes over people, a job as a software developer may be quite the deal for you. Also referred to as a computer programmer, software developers work closely with complex computer applications to form codes. Now, you can already guess that this job requires a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in computer science. 

While developing software will not be everyone’s cup of tea, you can look into taking related courses even if you’re remotely interested in the sector. Specializing in one of the computer languages such as C++ or Java is mandatory if you want to be a software developer. That being said, it’s a highly paid job with an approximate salary of more than $65k per year. So, you’ll be getting paid a ton without even having to interact with people.

2. Freelancer Writer

Freelancers are self-employed individuals who can choose the project they desire to work on. If you are not fond of people, freelancing may be the top option in terms of jobs with the least interaction. The only people you need to communicate with are your clients.

As a freelance writer, you will get to write articles for websites, blogs, social media platforms, etc. Although there is no specific degree to choose a career as a freelancer, a freelance writer definitely has to have a good command of the English language. Plus, he/she should be able to conduct thorough research and convert the results into writing with their own twist. The salary of a freelance writer depends on the volume of articles they cover as well as how much they charge for a fixed amount of words. But if you can secure a few regular clients, you’re good to go!  

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3. Financial Analyst

If you hate people, a financial analyst jobs could be right up your alley because it requires you to work with numbers and figures and not your subordinates. A financial analyst can work with utmost efficiency only when they work alone because their entire job surrounds analyzing business transactions, budgets, and similar finance-related concepts.

To be a financial analyst you would require a Bachelor’s degree in finance, statistics, or economics. You may also need a Master’s degree with a specialization in one of the finance-related aspects. Therefore, although there are quite a few hard steps to overcome before you secure a job as a financial analyst, it will be all worth it if one of your requirements is to work alone.

4. Researcher

Researching is a comprehensive task that requires a constant focus on particular subjects as well as the privacy to work alone. So, if you’re someone who hates people, working as a researcher is something you can surely look into. To be hired as a researcher in a corporate job a Bachelor’s degree is a pre-requisite while a graduate degree may be necessary as well to secure an academic job.

What’s great about being a researcher is that you can find your field of interest and go from there. When you’re passionate about a particular subject you’ll be inclined to provide you maximum effort. To try out the available options, you should apply for the job of a research assistant at your university. Once you graduate, you can apply to various corporations or research labs that focus on your area of interest.

5. Zoologist

You may hate people, but nobody hates animals (or at least they shouldn’t!). If you’re someone who loves animals, you can try out your career as a zoologist. As a zoologist, you can work both indoors and outdoors, and the maximum interaction will be of course with animals.

To be a zoologist you’d need a degree in zoology but if you’d wish to be a veterinarian at some point, you’d require a master’s degree as well. You can get the initial work experience by working in a zoo. However, do not get confused between the job of a zookeeper and zoologist. Zookeepers are responsible for taking care of animals while zoologists focus on animal research. Therefore, it should be a great profession for someone who hates working with other people.

6. Archivist

If you always find yourself organizing everything and being in control, an archivist may be a great profession for you. To be an archivist, you need a master’s degree in history, archival science, or similarly related areas. Your tasks will include cataloging, preserving, and appraising records as well as any other valuable data. Plus, archivists mostly work alone or prefer to do so since they do not trust anyone else with the important records.

As it’s a narrowed down profession, you’d need to have the passion to organize documents and enjoy it. So if you are an introvert who also has a passion for being in control of valuable data, this could be a great job option for you.

7. Lawyer

lawyer image

You might be wondering that lawyers have to interact with a lot of people just by their nature of work, but in reality, they work alone and mostly communicate only with clients and juries. To solve the cases, lawyers do solitary work and the interaction with any parties is often limited.

Now, this reputed profession comes with a price. To be a lawyer, you need to get a bachelor’s degree in political science, psychology, philosophy, or other related fields, pass the LSAT, earn the Juris degree, and take the bar exam. But once you start practicing, you’ll get to earn a lot as well. Typically, lawyers have an annual salary of $115k. Therefore, if you have a passion for the field, you should think about making this your career as you’ll get to work alone the majority of the time.

8. Actuaries

Actuaries are responsible for analyzing statistics, gathering data, and forming metrics to discover any possible financial risk. They typically perform calculation and probability work therefore most of the work is focused on numbers and figures. This allows them to have limited interactions with people and work alone most of the time; even if they needed to interact it’s with the current client.

Like any other specified profession, actuaries need a degree solely related to economics, actuarial science, or commerce. After acquiring the degree you may have to complete additional courses in statistics and business. Then, do an internship and get certified by professional actuarial bodies through classes and exams.

All the steps to reach a certified position will be worth it as the annual salary of actuaries is up to $150k. With a highly-paid job like this, you’ll get to work with numbers without interference from other people so if you hate people this is a profession you can look into.

9. Horticulturist

If you’d like to avoid interaction with both people and animals, maybe you’d prefer to communicate with plants instead. Horticulturists need to have a degree in botany or horticulture so that they are aware of everything related to plants such as their scientific names, the amount of water and sunlight they need to survive, the ideal nature of the soil, etc.

Horticulturists can form their career paths around companies that need their expertise. Initially you can look for jobs in government agencies, university research departments, or landscape construction companies. If you want to pursue your career in horticulture on a more advanced level you may need to secure credentials from Certified Crop Advisers or Social Science Society of America.

However, keep in mind that the average salary of a horticulturist is around $40k per year, but that’s just the price you have to pay if you hate interacting with any living things apart from plants.

10. Statistician

Another profession that revolves around numbers and not people is that of a statistician. The job would require you to conduct data analysis and predict outcomes in an isolated environment with minimum interaction with people. If you’re passionate about the field, you need to get a degree in mathematics, statistics, or any other related subjects.

Although a certificate is not necessary to get a job as a statistician you might want to get certified by the American Statistical Association if you want to get up the ladder in this field. Any profession related to numbers allows people to work alone so if you hate people, you may want to pursue this career.

11. Video Editor

With a Bachelor’s degree in broadcasting, film, or communications you can pursue your career as a video editor. There are also options for taking courses on video-editing and cinematography that will help you to improve the skill furthermore. As a video editor, your job will revolve around editing or copy editing videos so you can completely work alone and have no interaction with people (apart from the limited communication with clients).

As long as you are aware of the popular and advanced video editing software, you should be able to turn your profession into a video editor at any point in your life. So if you are an introvert and you have a passion for this field, being a video editor will be both enjoyable and peaceful.

12. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is appointed by companies to run their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All the tasks by the social media manager are done alone behind a computer although the word “social” may represent the opposite.

As a social media manager, you’ll be responsible for planning and scheduling all the company content on social media platforms, coming up with ideas for new content, promoting the products/services, etc. Even though the task revolves around communication, it is done through the internet, so you do not need to work with people up front. So, if you have a degree in marketing, communications, or media relations, you can pursue your career as a social media manager.

13. Court Reporter

The sole task of a court reporter is to listen and transcribe, so even though they’re around a lot of people such as clients, lawyers, and other court members, they do not have to interact with them. Also known as a stenographer, a court reporter needs an associate degree or a postsecondary certificate followed by a license to pursue this career. But keep in mind that the average annual salary of a court reporter is less than $50k a year. 

14. Web Developer

Are you an introvert who has a passion for computer programming and graphic design? Then, a web developer is a perfect profession for you! In this job, you’ll be responsible for both the aesthetics and coding of websites which provides you an expanded control as opposed to being only a computer programmer.

To be a web developer, you’d require a bachelor’s degree in computer science as well as advanced training. But it will all be worth it if you’re someone who loves working alone. You can work for various clients, be a permanent employee in an IT company, or be an independent contractor.


Finding a dream job for people who hate people can be quite challenging because almost all jobs require at least a little human interaction. However, there are some jobs that will allow solitary work. From this article, you should be able to find at least one job that interests you and matches your qualifications as well.