15 Jobs Where You Work Alone (Calling All Introverts)

Jobs Where You Work Alone: If you are an introvert, working around people with constant oversight can be mentally exhausting. Over time, it will lead to decreased efficiency in work as you’ll always feel like you do not have any freedom to get the tasks done solely by yourself. This is why introverts should opt for jobs where they can work alone.

Now, you might be thinking that working alone doesn’t fall under the norms of society. However, with the help of ever-changing technology, working remotely has become possible like never before. Out of the plenty of opportunities for introverts, we have curated a list of the best jobs where you can work alone.

1. Start a Blog

Start a blog

Blogging is ideal for individuals who are passionate about a certain area and want to share their thoughts and ideas with the world through a platform. Now, it might not seem like much to some but blogging requires a lot of hard work. A lot of effort, research, and time goes into creating content that like-minded people will be drawn to. Once you get good at blogging, you can turn it into a full-time job as there are multiple ways to earn money through blogging which include affiliate marketing, sponsored ads, selling digital products, and more.

What you need to focus on is a plan of action to create content. Depending on it, you can learn how to monetize your blog. To help you kick start your blogging journey, you can learn this 5-day course.

2. Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook ad managers run ads for businesses to expand the customer base and increase income. This is a great job for introverts because this can be done from anywhere as long as you have internet access. Managing the advertising aspect of a social media platform can be beneficial to you because it lets you increase your contacts and solve customer queries without having to face them.

You can earn even $1000 a month with just one client as an Ad manager for their business and usually, Facebook ad managers work for up to 10 clients per month. All you need to find is one or two clients among millions of businesses to start this job and work alone at your convenience.

3. Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is perfect for introverts because you can be productive with various tasks minus the interaction upfront. A workday for a virtual assistant is never the same. Depending on the company you’ll be working for you may have to complete several types of tasks including answering emails, organizing calendar, publishing content, managing and scheduling social media content, returning phone calls, and more.

What’s great about this job is that a college degree isn’t a pre-requisite. As long as you can virtually assist your boss, and ensure quality work, you’ll do great.

4. Freelance Writer

freelance writing job where you work alone

If you are good at writing, get yourself a job as a freelance writer. Many businesses take help from freelancers to write content for them since it’s a more affordable option in comparison to hiring a full-time writer to create content for their websites, blog posts, brochures, etc.

You can either do it as a part-time job or transfer full-time once you can earn enough money. But to get to that point is the real challenge. To be a full-time freelance writer you need to obtain repeated orders from at least a few clients which will only be possible if you write quality content, stick to the deadlines, and meet their writing requirements. So, if you are good at English, give this type of jobs a try as it will allow you to work alone. Plus, introverts are more expressive in writing as opposed to verbal communication.

If you have no clue how to start working as a freelance writer, you may check out this online course which will also teach you how to gain clients and grow as an excellent writer.

5. Bookkeeper

You can either bookkeep for a company or start a bookkeeping business; either way, you’ll be able to work alone.  Bookkeeping requires maintaining a general ledger, handling payroll, creating invoices, and more. Unlike the jobs mentioned until now, bookkeeping is a job that needs a specific education. However, you do not require a degree in accounting, bookkeeping something you can learn by yourself as well over time. Companies hire bookkeepers so that they can cut down benefits and salaries so they’re always in search of freelancing bookkeepers.

On the other hand, you can also start your bookkeeping business once you get the hang of it. You can use this website to learn how to get started as well as how to draw the attention of new clients to grow your business.  

6. Professional Proofreader

Ideal for someone passionate about words, reading, and anything in between, a professional proofreader is a great job option. If you have a good eye for grammatical errors and poor sentence formation, you can become a proofreader right away. All you need to do is make sure the writing is correct.

With flexible working hours along with a chance to work alone, proofreaders can earn from $17-$30 per hour. Sometimes you may think that you are good at correcting grammar but that doesn’t mean proofreading is the right job for you. You can try this free workshop to find out if it’s suitable for you.

7. Translator

A translator is an opportunistic job for someone bilingual. You can either do it as a part-time job or convert to full time with the help of Turnkey Translator which is a course that covers all you need to know about this career. The step-by-step instructions in this course will help you to earn money within a short span. Plus, it’s one of the jobs where you can work alone as you’ll be solely responsible to attend to one client at a time and complete the task as required.

8. Teach English from Home (with VIPKid)

If you are fond of children and love teaching, you can try VIPKid through which you can teach English to children in the other part of the world. To qualify as a teacher in VIPKID, you need to be a native English speaker, obtain a bachelor’s degree and have at least a little experience in teaching.

What’s great about VIPKid is that all the lessons are one on one between the teacher and the student via video conferencing. Plus, you don’t need to worry about the difference in the language since the site converts all the instructions to English. One thing that you should keep in mind is that there will be a time difference in the usual working hours as these students are located in the other part of the world. 

9. Sell Products on Amazon or eBay

Selling products on Amazon or Ebay is one of the easiest ways to earn some money especially if you want to work alone. Small companies use these platforms to sell their products by paying a monthly fee. For example, Amazon has a program called Fulfillment by Amazon that allows companies to digitally sell their products as opposed to doing so in a shop. Plus, your products will get higher exposure on such sites in comparison to physical shops.

You can make deals with brands, provide wholesale deals, and even resell products. Since the process may seem overwhelming to someone who has never sold products online, you may look into this free course and learn everything you need to know in a simplified way.

10. Freelance Graphic Designer

freelance graphics designer

If you have completed a graphic designer course you can easily start working as a freelance graphic designer before you move to work for a company. As a graphic designer, you’ll have to work on website art, brochures, company logos, packaging art, etc.

It’s a solitary job even if you’re working for a company because although you’ll have people working around you only you’ll be responsible for the task assigned to you. Plus, you may also be given the option to work from home because it has been proved to be more productive for graphic designers.

11. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a platform where you can put up the created videos of your choice and earn enough money for a full-time living. The earning comes through ads that play in between the videos. You can either earn money when people watch these short ads or click on an ad from your video. This is why you’ll see a lot of YouTubers asking you not to skip on ads on their videos because that is their source of income. Plus, you can also earn money through sponsorships. For example, a certain company sponsors your video in return for plugging in their product or service in your video; the company will provide you a discount code to share to your audience and you’ll receive a percentage from there if anyone uses the code.

As for the channel itself, you can simply press record on your camera phone to create videos. Gradually, you’ll need to purchase certain equipment so that the quality of your videos is up to the mark. But a Youtube channel is a great opportunity for introverts as it will allow you to be creative in your own space.

12. Sell Things on Etsy

If you are a crafty person, you can sell your handmade products on Etsy. It’s a great way to earn money through something you’re passionate about. A lot of people sell products such as jewelry, woodworking, art, and clothing on Etsy. Plus, it won’t even feel like a job because it is something you really enjoy creating.

A digital approach is to sell printables such as grocery lists, planners, checklists, and greeting cards on Etsy. This is entirely a form of passive income because you make these printables once and earn from them for years and years until anyone stops purchasing them. To understand the concept, you can check out this link.

13. Freelance Photographer

Freelance photography is a great way to earn money if you love taking pictures. To be a freelance photographer you will need a high-quality camera, lenses, filters, and additional equipment including lighting, backdrops, lightboxes, etc.

Working as a freelance photographer will provide you full control over your schedule. Therefore, even if you’re working around people, you’ll take charge of the photography session. So, if you consider yourself a good photographer convert it from a hobby to a profession.

14. Artist/Painter

If you are inclined towards artistic traits, you can opt for being an artist or painter. There’s no job like being able to be creative on canvas and get paid for it. Although you get to work alone in these jobs, the earning is questionable. Unless you create art that stands out you’ll not have the ability to earn from it. However, you can sell your art on various platforms at affordable prices and the right kind of customers are bound to be attracted by them.

15. Entrepreneur

If you have a side-hustle business that keeps popping up in your mind, it might be a clue for you to explore entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur, you’ll have full control over the type of business you’d like to set up. Here, you are your own boss therefore you can work alone at your convenient time to convert the visual project to reality.

Of course, a lot of effort and investments go into creating a business but there’s nothing like the feeling of achievement that you will obtain once you’ve successfully done it. This is a great job option for introverts as they seem to be creative in general. So, innovative ideas can be turned into reality as long as the initial steps are correct.


Being able to do a job that perfectly syncs with your personality has a lot of benefits starting from increased productivity and concentration to obtaining a relaxed and peaceful mindset. We are positive that you’ll find at least one job from the featured ones here that your qualifications or interests will meet. We hope these jobs where you work alone article gave some idea to you. If you find it valuable share this article to friends and family.