5 Virtual Assistant Jobs from Home That Require No Experience

Virtual assistants provide services such as administrative tasks, selected need-based tasks, or complex business-related support from a distant location. Although working remotely in the comfort of your own space without interference from your subordinates may seem the easy way out, a virtual assistant has to work really hard to become successful in what they do.

However, the positive side is that with the right combination of determination, commitment, and zeal, you can be a virtual assistant without any prior experience. We are here to guide you on how to become a virtual assistant and the best job options you’ll have out there.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant with No Experience?

Get the Right Equipment

It’s quite obvious that you’d require a laptop or desktop (whichever you prefer) to work as a virtual assistant from home. Next, a reliable internet connection is mandatory to maintain a smooth workflow. However, if you’re going to provide financial services of any sort, you might want to get an absolutely secure network to prevent any disturbance during work. You shouldn’t worry too much about software or applications because most of the tasks can be done online for free.

Know How to Use the Tools

Depending on the service you’ll be providing, there are certain tools that you have to use regularly as a virtual assistant.

Dropbox: To store files and share them with your clients by simply copy-pasting the link through e-mail or text.

Grammarly: To proofread your writing no matter what form it is in such as emails, contracts, blogs, or other materials.

WordPress: This is a mandatory blogging platform that every virtual assistant should know how to use.

Skype: Video-conferencing is essential for virtual assistants since it’s a work-from-home job.

Canva: Ideal for creating infographics or professional-looking images, every virtual assistant should know how to use Canva.

Find Out Your Niche

Although it might be tempting to provide various virtual assistant services at the same time, it’s important to figure out your niche. This is because you’ll be able to provide the best services that you’ve specialized and do well in what interests you the most. Research on the type of services you can provide as a virtual assistant and look for clients and companies that need those services. For example, it should be related to marketing or finance, not both.

Learn or Brush Up on Virtual Assistant Skills

Even though this article is featured around virtual assistant jobs with no requirements of experience, there are basic hard and soft skills that everyone should possess. Ideally, you should look into the set of skills that your niche requires. Then, learn or brush up on those skills so that you can provide your best service.

Choose Between Independent Work or Support Work

Next, you can decide to either work independently or work for a company. For the former, you must look into freelance platforms and create your own business website and promote yourself. But if you choose to work for a company, create a solid resume that highlights the skills you’ve acquired (especially the ones related to the niche).

Fix your Rate

This is applicable only if you’re doing independent work. With that being said, your hourly rate should be based on the set of skills you have, the service you’re providing, and the experience you’ve gained so far. However, if you do not have any experience you should stick to limited rates. Just to give you an idea, the hourly rate for a virtual assistant should range from $20 to $40.

5 Virtual Assistant Jobs from Home

Virtual Assistant
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Blogger’s Virtual Assistant

Bloggers usually have a lot on the plate since they are constantly updating, creating, and maintaining content for websites. So, covering everything on their own can be quite tough which is why they hire a virtual assistant. As a blogger’s VA, you’ll have to do multiple tasks including responding to emails, help edit and post blog content, assist scheduling social media, optimize content, etc. Plus, if you plan to pursue your career as a blogger, being a blogger’s VA would be a great learning opportunity for you.

Social Media Assistant

Social Media is a crucial part of businesses, brands, and bloggers. So a virtual assistant is quite necessary to handle a lot of tasks and free up the schedule to include social media presence. As a social media assistant, you should be aware of what’s trending, know the tricks to create brand awareness, be familiar with tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite, and of course know how to tweet, snap, and post at the right time!

Real Estate Assistant

As a realtor, there’s a lot of areas to cover in terms of work starting from securing home listings and stage open houses to provide market listings and help people find the perfect home for them. This is why they usually need additional help to be organized at all times. The daily tasks as a real estate assistant would include calendar management, market open houses, schedule home viewings, write attractive listing descriptions, and reach out to potential buyers.

Ecommerce Assistant

Ecommerce is a vast area that needs to be constantly kept up with as there’s a continuous change in inventory. This is why companies need additional help to keep everything in place. As an ecommerce virtual assistant, you respond to customer’s queries, track shipment, and deal with returns, write product descriptions, and assist product launches.

General Admin Assistant

Even though the general admin does not fall under niche, they can be considered so in the case of small businesses and entrepreneurs. When you’re the sole owner of a company you’ll have a myriad of responsibilities to fulfill therefore a virtual assistant becomes mandatory. If you work as a VA for a small company, you’ll need to assist with every small task daily since they do not have the budget to hire a separate receptionist or a manager.

Where to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Where to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs
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UpWork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces where you can sign up for free. There are a plethora of gigs available on the site which will allow you to go for virtual assistant jobs in your niche. If you have no experience at all, UpWork is a great platform to start your virtual assistant career. With only a 10% cut from the total payment you receive, you’ll be able to earn a lot based on the volume of work you do and the rate you set for your work. 

Fancy Hands

This is a beginner-friendly platform for virtual assistants where you will have access to a huge number of clients and the tasks are secured on a first-come-first-serve basis. It allows you to choose any task you want to work on based on the availability at that point in time.

In Fancy Hands, you’ll find various types of job opportunities related to simple tasks like appointment setting or more complex work like researching. The payment ranges from $2 to $7 which takes about 15-20 minutes to complete, and you’ll be paid every 2 weeks via Dwolla.


Similar to UpWork, Fiverr is another freelance platform where you can create your profile and gigs to attract prospective clients who want to avail the services you provide. This is a great platform for virtual assistant jobs as it’s easy to use and helps you build experience over time. Once you acquire experience here, you can apply to companies or other higher-paying platforms.


FlexJobs is the ideal platform for people who want to start a remote career. Plus, they have a separate section with a list of jobs for virtual assistants. This online job board provides you opportunities to secure jobs that meet your qualifications. The only drawback is that unlike the other platforms mentioned here, FlexJobs has a monthly fee of $14.95 that allows you to apply for jobs. However, you can refund this within 30 days if you do not need your subscription renewed.

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Time Etc.

Time Etc. is a suitable platform for those who have a clerical or admin background. They also prefer to hire individuals who have experience working from home. Even though it’s not a beginner-friendly company, you do not need any prior virtual assistant experience to work here. All you need is an administrative experience – the more the better.


A virtual assistant is a perfect profession for someone who wants to utilize their clerical skills and earn money from the comfort of their home. Especially ideal for introverts, a job as a virtual assistant allows you to provide your support to businesses from a remote location with the help of the internet, email, phone, or fax. With that being said, we are positive that this article will help you start your career as a virtual assistant.