A Comprehensive Review Of The Features Of RescueTime

Keeping track of time is quite difficult if you are working from home. it is quite common to waste some precious hours when there is no one to monitor you. For this purpose, you need an app or software that will manage your time for you and keep you away from distractions. Life is short and you cannot afford distractions or waste time. So, if you want to be as productive as possible in your life, there is no better tool than RescueTime. It is one of the best time management software available. With the use of this software, you can manage your time as efficiently as possible and avoid all the distractions while you are working. Thus, with the use of this app, you will be able to complete your task in lesser time which was not possible before.

Is RescueTime Compatible For All Mobile Devices?

Unfortunately, RescueTime is only compatible with Android devices. It cannot be used in iOS devices because there are some features in iOS devices that do not let RescueTime run efficiently in the background and keep a track of the activities of the users.

RescueTime Lite VS. RescueTime Premium

Although RescueTime Premium offers more comprehensive features to its users, you can even avail of some of the basic features through the RescueTime Lite plan as well. The subscription fees for RescueTime premium is $6 a month.

Top Features Of RescueTime


With the help of some of the top features that RescueTime has to offer, you can now manage your time much efficiently than before. The app will also keep you away from all the major distractions by utilizing its features. Let’s take a look at the top features of this app below.

Automatic Time Tracking

When you have RescueTime installed on your mobile phones or computer, the app will automatically keep a track of time without the need for manual entries. Thus, you will not have to enter the data that you need to track manually in the app as automatic time tracking is one of the most highlighted features of this app. The app will automatically track the time that you spend on the apps and websites. It will even keep a track of the time that you spend on any documents as well. Thus, you will get a detailed report of the things that are getting between you and your productivity.

Detailed Reports And Insights

RescueTime is time management software in the sense that it helps you improve your time management skills. For this purpose, the app collects the data from the apps that you frequently use on your device and generate results based on the information that it collected. The software works quietly in the background and collects the data that it requires to generate the results. In this way, it lets you decide which apps need much of your time and which apps you should less to be more productive.

Lets You Control Your Time

With the help of RescueTime, you can now manage and control your time yourself. The app will provide you with very detailed insight into how much time you spend on which apps. If you are not utilizing the majority of your time in doing something productive or getting the office work done, you will be able to review it as well. Thus, the app will help you focus on important things that need your attention by giving you a detailed summary of the things that you are spending your time on.

Offline Time Tracking

The best time management software is the one that keeps a track of your time even when you are offline. This is what RescueTime does. It keeps track of your time and the apps that you use even when you are offline. All that you need to do is add offline time tracking with just a click. With the help of this feature, even when you are offline, the app will be able to track the apps that you use and provide you with a detailed report. In this way, you can have a full picture of your day as not everything happens online.

Blocks Distracting Websites

Distracting websites and links are one of the major sources of distraction when you are working. This is why you need to block them during your working hours. This feature is now available with RescueTime which is called FocusTime. The apps block distracting websites and links for you while you work. In this way, you can now work in peace and without any distractions. You can set daily limits and hours on the app and sites and even integrate it with your calendar. This tool will help you in increasing your productivity while you work.

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Sets Smart Goals And Real-Time Alerts

Did you know that you can now set smart goals and real-time alerts with the help of RescueTime that will help you in building better habits for yourself? You can set goals for how you want to spend your time and feed it into the app. The software will ensure that all your goals are being met by reminding you if you exceed a certain limit. So, whether you want to spend less time on emails, or more time on writing, you can easily meet your goals with the help of this time management software.

Integrates With Other Apps

You can now integrate RescueTime with the other apps as well. by integrating your favorite apps with Rescue Time’s tools and data, you can track your time and be more productive with the help of these apps. For example, if you integrate RescueTime with the calendar app, this time management software will automatically update your calendar with your smart goals and objectives. This will increase your productivity and help you manage your time more efficiently. What else can you possibly ask for from time management software?

Works In The Background

You do not need to activate RescueTime every time you turn on your device. The app works silently in the background and keeps a track of the time that you spend on other apps, websites, and documents. in this way, if you exceed the limit that you have set for distraction time, the app will notify you immediately. The app will also notify you if you exceed your productive hours. Thus, you can keep an easy track of the hours that you spend on distractive and productive hours with the app working in the background.

Suitable For All The Businesses

No matter whether your business is small-scale, medium-scale, or large-scale, RescueTime is suitable for all the businesses because of the amazing features it has to offer to its users. The active tracking capabilities of the software make it a suitable app for all the businesses to track the time management of their employees.

All-In-One Dashboard

If you are an employer, keeping track of all your employee’s data can be really exhausting and tiresome if you and your employees are working from home. But, with the help of RescueTime, you can now keep a track of all your employee’s data in one place. The dashboard will provide you with detailed insight into your employees and how they are managing their time. In this way, the managers will have to spend less time managing their employees and more time in meeting the goals of the organization.

Tracks Mobile Usage

rescuetime review

Despite setting up RescueTime on your laptops and PC, you can even find a way to get distracted while using your mobile phone. But, with the mobile app of the RescueTime, you can even track your mobile usage as well. All you need to do is download the mobile app and track your mobile usage with the help of it. The Android app is completely free for users. Thus, you can now manage and track your time on both your mobile phones and PC and be more productive.

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The software is designed in such a way that it is flexible enough for different data forms. Thus, whether you want a detailed report of each minute or a concentrated summary of your time, you can get it all by using this time management software. The software even gives its users the option to customize their projects by categorizing all the tasks that they want categorizing. Thus, this time management software is very flexible to use and offers the users everything they need to be more productive.

Final Words

Time management is extremely important if you want to be productive in your working hours. But, keeping track of time gets difficult if there is no one to supervise you. For this purpose, you need the assistance and guidance of a time management tool or software such as RescueTime. This software is the Editor’s choice as it lets you manage ad keep a track of your time with some of its amazing features in ways that you have never imagined before.