Asana Vs Trello – Where To Manage Your Projects In 2020

Asana Vs Trello: Connecting and collaborating with your team members is necessary when working from home. This is where the Project managing tool plays a vital role in making your work easier. They are important when working to establish your remote team, coordinate with others, and to achieve your business goals. Project managing tool enables you to interact with your team and manage them on behalf of your business. This can boost the productivity level and the aim of the company can be achieved.

Marketing management is tough and requires a ton of experience and network. However, to have an overview choice and balanced tasks you need the right tool. Firstly, you need to decide which tool is perfect for your business. The features you will need and whether it is secured or not plays an important role in the decision. When deciding on ways to manage your task and projects, Trello and Asana are the popular options. If you’re wondering which one is the right option for your business, here’s the complete picture of Asana vs Trello.

Asana Vs Trello – Where To Manage Your Projects In 2020


Asana and Trello are both known to offer features that can help you manage tasks. However, they approach this differently and offer slightly unique features. Following a comparison on features provided by both the companies can make your decision easier.

Asana offers a variety of features when it comes to task management. It is a tool that covers all the basics of program management and focuses enormously on team management. It makes things convenient when managing complex projects and large teams.

Trello, on the other hand, will start you off with slightly less integrated features but gives you the option to add different features one by one when you start using the tool. It might sound complex at first but the tool is not very difficult to get a hang of.

Asana offers Gantt charts, Kanban boards, task lists, calendars, and much more right off the bat. This is where you can view your tasks and track them throughout your project. It will allow your company to evaluate progress and make room for improvements.

Trello only offers a Kanban board to start with but it offers a unique kanban layout compared to other tools. Sometimes it’s irritating to view all the tasks on one single layout but the visual features like changing colors of the card, make the styling better. You can add important information on the card regarding tasks like sticky notes.

Asana has two features progress and conversation. These features are not available in Trello. With Progress, as the name suggests, the administrator can view the progress of the project and evaluate the performance of the members. They can see how the project is going so far and decide on what changes to make for improvements. There is also a conversation option available on a single project where team members can start a conversation and upload status and updates on the ongoing project. These features are best for remote working where you can connect yourself with the team and focus on the project.

The debate on Asana vs Trello can go on forever. Asana offers a workload management option in which the work is divided among the team members. You can set how much work should be divided among the team members and how to set the limits on the work. It is shown as a visual presentation showing the areas where the team members are working and when to increase the capacity of the work for each individual. On the other hand, Trello offers the feature in which the completion of the task is managed in a more complex and understandable way. You can measure task completion with a percentage statistic to check the progress of the task.

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Convenience And Mobility

When it comes to Asana vs Trello, both have a mobile application for their users.  You can easily work from your mobile phone anywhere. This offers mobility and convenience for a lot of people when keeping track of deadlines. Trello also has a dedicated mobile website which means there is no need to install an application that will cover extra space on your mobile. You can easily access their website on-the-go to take advantage of all their services. Asana does not have a mobile website version but the application is designed perfectly for mobile users. However, with Asana mobile application, all their features may not be available and some tasks cannot be completed such as deleting files.


The pricing structures for both management tools are different. Although there are some similarities in this area such as both tools are priced based on the size of the team or the project.

Asana has 4 types of payment plans for all its users. There is a free version but it offers limited features. The premium plan costs $10.99 and allows you to use custom fields for your project. This is best suited for mid-range businesses. Their business plan costs $24.99 and gives various additional perks such as manager approval and a portfolio feature. Last but not the least; the enterprise plan is for high-end established businesses that need additional organization, security, and support with project management. This plan includes data export, custom branding, and support on demand.

Meanwhile, Trello has a 3-way pricing plan named similarly. There is a free version but similar to Asana, it has some limitations and certain features are locked. However, if the free versions are compared then Trello comes on top due to power-ups being offered. The business class costs $12.50 a month and allows the users to use unlimited power-ups, unlike the free version which only has the availability of one. This is one of the best plans for project management and one of the most affordable ones too. App integration and custom fields are also available with this plan. Enterprise version has different pricing for Trello and depends upon the number of users. For the minimum users which are twenty, this plan costs $17.50 but as the number of users increases, the price drops. It can even go to $7.38 at the maximum number of users which is five thousand.


Reliability and security are some of the major concerns for users of the project management tool. Users need to feel safe and secure from online threats and hackers. On top of that, it is important for the privacy of the clients that the data is not sold to advertisers.

Asana and Trello are both SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and successfully completed the basic security tests. This means that the data is handled responsibly by both platforms and are secured with two-step verification. This authorization requires the users to login with a one-time passcode after using their password. With this feature, both programs offer additional security and reliability for their users. However, Trello is owned by another company called Atlassian. This means that their privacy policies and use of cookies also applies to the users of Trello. Furthermore, there have been several breaches in security for Atlassian and their linking with Trello puts users in doubt as well. For this reason, Asana comes out on top when it comes to the security and privacy of its users.


The utility is another vital thing to consider when selecting a platform for project management. The tools should be user friendly and easier to understand and operate. For Trello and Asana, their ability to simplify management and help in projects makes them great options when it comes to utility. Both platforms are convenient and focus a lot on easing the user’s work.

Services And Support

Last but not the least; users often consider the service provided by the platform. These services included support and contact options. Asana has a slightly complicated procedure when it comes to filing a ticket to reach customer support. Users are required to go through automated questions that decide on whether an issue needs to be directed to the forum or the support team. While this method may be upsetting for some users, it increases the activity of the forums and an active discussion can take place there.

On the contrary, Trello has an easy route to the support team. All you need to do is use a drop-down button to submit a ticket and you can do this while on the board. A simple write up will allow you to contact the support team which makes it convenient. This has given Trello an edge over its competitor when it comes to support services.

Final Words

Asana Vs Trello

It is essential to select the best management tool for your project. The two platforms are incredible and well used around the world for project management and organization. They have different strengths and areas of expertise. While Asana offers more features and security, Trello comes with better services and is more affordable. Now that you know about all the major arguments on Asana vs Trello, the choice of using one or the other depends upon your project and your needs.