9 Perfectly Acceptable Excuses to Work from Home

Let’s say you want to pivot to a remote job. And you know perfectly well that you can deliver the same, if not better performance by working from your home office.

But how are you going to present your case to your boss? We are here to help you figure some perfectly acceptable excuses to work from home.

However, before you ping your boss, ask yourself a few questions. Can you make time to finish the task at hand? Are you being honest?

Remember that a the best excuses to work from home are real ones.

1. A Family Member is Sick

You might need to skip work when a family member needs to be cared for. It is a perfectly acceptable reason why someone might want to shift to their home office. If the mentioned family member is a parent, spouse, or children, your case will stand even stronger.

Chickenpox or the flu, you do what you must do.

A fair workplace allows its employees enough flexibility to help you maintain the right work-life balance.

So go ahead and send that message if you need a day off work in order to take care of your sick child or an elderly parent – even if you need to play nurse the entire day.

2. You are Sick

Sick day excuse to work from home

There is no way to take this lightly, especially after the global pandemic. Even if you have a deadline to meet or an important meeting to attend, you cannot walk into work, putting your colleagues’ health at risk.

However, you may need to find another excuse if you’ve already called in sick recently. You don’t want to overuse it.

Your request to work from home may not seem valid if you’re talking about an average headache.

However, if you have a cold and cannot stop sneezing, your boss should not want you anywhere near the workplace. Bonus points if you lose your voice as well. There’s no way to dismiss your request when you sound so sick over the phone.

You should also call in sick if you have menstrual cramps. There’s no upside to it, and everyone knows it. For most people, cramps pain is linked to a lack of productivity.

So, it’s perfectly understandable if you want to work from the comfort of your home. This way you will be able to perform better. And the best part about this excuse is that you can ask for a day off without having to go into many details.

Food poisoning, allergies, or an injury make perfectly acceptable reasons to skip work as well. You won’t be able to add much value if you show up sick. So you might as well stay in and work from home. Take reasonable deadlines and try to deliver on time.

3. Delivery of a Large Shipment

Maybe you ordered a new bed, a washing machine, or a new TV. If there’s no one at home to receive the large shipment, what else is there to do than to stay in yourself. 

It’s not always possible to schedule a shipment around your office hours. And your boss is most likely to take it as a perfectly understandable reason.

You will now have to wait for the delivery and rely on it to arrive on time. However, try to avoid this excuse if your colleagues know of a roommate who works from home.

4. Family Emergency

Emergencies are a truth of life. So if you need to skip work for a couple of days to attend to personal commitments, then, by all means, send that message.

Maybe your child fell to an accident or got into trouble for swearing at school. Perhaps there is a gas leak, or your kitchen is overflowing with sink water. Or maybe you need to visit your parents. The list is endless.

Just make sure that your excuse is relatable. It’s perfectly reasonable to ask for a break when you need to deal with family or house emergencies but try not to overuse the excuse. Even if you have a reasonably flexible boss, asking for too many days off may raise suspicion.

5. Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day

You might need a day off to simply relax and boost your productivity. You can tell your boss that you want to work in a quiet environment for a day or two.

It is only understandable that you’ve drained your energy from the long hours at work, and you want to relax a bit. Perhaps you don’t want to be distracted by your colleagues.

If you have stayed up all night working on a big project, turn in your work and ask for a day off. You have earned it. And your boss is most likely to grant you some time off.

You can even put it all on your shrink. Tell your boss that your psychiatrist has advised you to take a day off and recharge. Nothing is more important than mental clarity.

Stay in. Catch up on your sleep. Maybe take aromatherapy, do yoga, or meditate. Whatever it takes to de-stress. But make the most of your mental health day.

The excuse may not be strong enough if you have a hardcore boss who can handle a massive workload and does not miss a day for any reason whatsoever. They might not dismiss your request, but they will not forget it either.

6. Commute Problems

Now, this is an issue beyond your control. We have all faced commute complications at some point in our lives, and I’m sure your boss will sympathize when you present the reason.

Maybe your car broke down on your way to work, or you missed the bus. There may be massive traffic. Or the road is closed down due to an accident.

Rather than wasting your time trying to commute to work despite the complications, ask to work from home. And deliver. Or else you may risk your credibility.

7. Pet’s Appointment with the Vet

Pets don’t send out a notice before getting sick. An appointment with the vet is a perfectly valid reason to take a day off on short notice. Whether you’re taking your pet to get a vaccine, spay her, or check up on other conditions, it makes a valid excuse.

Your pet is entirely dependent on you for food and care. Catering to their needs when they’re sick is a significant responsibility. Your request to stay in and work from home needs no second thought if your boss has a pet themself. All pet owners can relate to this call of duty.

However, you may not have the upper hand if your boss is not a fan of pets. They might not understand the urgency of the situation. So be sure to communicate about your case correctly.

8. Going to Donate Blood

Going to Donate Blood

Now, this is such a noble cause that your boss won’t have anything to say against it. Just make sure that you haven’t used the same excuse within the last 12 weeks.

People tend to be a little low on energy after donating blood. So you are likely to be excused from work without any questions asked.

9. Legal Issues

Here’s an excuse that can help you avoid questions. Legal issues can be quite personal, and you can get away with providing very little to no details.

You may have witnessed a crime and need to make a statement at the police station. You may even be on jury duty. Legal issues take an unprecedented amount of time, so you can ask for several days off work.

Pro Tips

If you are asking to work from home, be sure to notify your boss as soon as possible. Plan ahead, and let them know when you can be back in the office. This only proves your professionalism.

Your boss may follow up on your situation. Be ready to provide the details if they ask. For example, if you called in sick, keep your doctor’s prescription close by.

Even if you take some time off and leave your home while you’re supposed to work, don’t share it on social media. Your employer has the right to use your social media information against you. If you raise suspicion, your profile may be reviewed. You sure want to avoid the mess.

Go over your company’s absence policy thoroughly. It may save you from getting into any trouble. 


Join the league if you want to work from home! While taking a day off work is often frowned upon, a valid reason is guaranteed to work.

We suggest you be straightforward with your boss and offer them the truth. Personal and family issues are most likely to excuse you from commuting to work.

We have assembled some perfectly acceptable excuses to work from home. I hope it helps!

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