Flock vs Slack: Let the Debate Begin

Flock vs Slack: The time and era we live in are all about communication. Communication within the workforce makes it all the more productive and a lot more creative. Communication is the key to all progress. But what can you do if you are working from a remote place and cannot access your teammates? This is where communication programmes, specially designed to help in these situations, come in handy.

Communication programmes are designed specifically to help those working from remote locations. This way they can be in touch with their teammates and colleagues and can keep up with the work. Through communication software’s like Slack and Flock, customers can make sure that they up to date with all their work.

Flock Vs Slack

When talking about communication programmes, the need to talk about Flock and Slack becomes a necessity. Flock is a team messaging software that helps many major company’s keep track of their employees.  Slack is a communication software that completely focuses onteam communication with the help of a single platform so that it saves time and builds a sense of community within the team members.

So, what makes them different from each other when they are almost the same programme? Let’s delve a little deeper and try to figure out the intricacies’ through which the differencesemerge.

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When talking about using these communication programmes, the one thing that can differentiate the two from each other are the pricing packages. What are the packages offered and what are the respective prices? They both offer an initial free package for their users. This means that you can easily use this programme freely as a trial run.

  • Flock
  • There is only one package that is offered to customers, this package costs $4.5 per month. The reason why that is the only package that is offered is simply because it is affordable to the masses and it has a lot more features.
  • When it comes to video conferencing, you can call up to 20 people at the same time and the call can last up to 20 min.
  • You are allowed around 10,000 messages that can be shared and sent to the entire team easily.
  • Flock programme allows around 50+integrations from within the programme itself. This is basically an unlimited number of integrations.
  • Slack
  • Slack on the other hand only allows one on one calls. You cannot have a conference call with a lot of people.
  • The paid packages that are offered within Slack are Standard Package which costs $6.67 per month and Plus Package which costs $12.50 per month for the user respectively.
  • There is a limit of 10 integrations where the integration comes from within the Slack programme.

With these differences pointed out, it won’t be a stretch when claiming that in the first round of Flock Vs Slack, Flock wins by a big margin. Flock wins because it offers more features in the free package and has a lot more integration options. Along with that, the priced packages are not as expensive as compared to that of Slack. So overall, Flock wins.


The interface of a software is the most important part of the programme and where all of the communication happens. This is where the users use the page to interact with each other and send information simultaneously. That is why the interface of the software requires to be user-friendly. It needs to be easy to comprehend and it needs to be able to follow a straight command and give direct and easy to read results.


Flock communication software
  1. Everything is everywhere and its complete chaos. The interface of Flock is overloaded with a lot of icons and a lot of information that can become extremely distracting.
  2. The user interface is equally divided into five parts. All five parts are filled with information and icons. This way, all the information that the customer may need is right on the page.
  3. There are two icons of search and history on the same page. That can be extremely distracting and confusing because you may waste precious time wondering why that is so.


slack review
  1. Slack’s user interface is quite simple and easy to read. They have managed to realize that less is more and that the customer would rather prefer a clean interface than a busy one.
  2. By adding buttons and multiple options under one command, they have managed to concise the features in a smart and calculated way.

An interface that is simple and easy to comprehend is extremely important for any software. That is why in this phase of the debate, Slack wins by a larger margin. Slack has an easy to use, convenient and simple interface. There is no distraction on the webpage and the programme is easy to understand. There are no complications that may confuse the customer.

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Video Calls

This is a debate that majorly focuses on messaging and video calling features. That is why the customers who use Flock vs Slack, need to make sure that the video calls and messaging are up to date and easier to use. This includes the different packages, let them be free or paid, and how they affect the connectivity of the software to the customer.

Free Package

When it comes to the free package, these are just some features that are provided to the user:


  1. Flock provides up to 20 users to be in the same shared messages or group chat. This way a majority of people can easily talk to each other and discuss projects.
  2. Per call, the user gets 20 min. This way you can make as many voice calls or video calls as you want.
  3. There is no screen sharing ability that is offered to the user. This is one of the downfalls of Flock.


  1. The user is allowed only one on one call. You can not call or message multiple people at the same time thus there is no option for a conference call or a group message.
  2. There is no specific call duration that is mentioned. That is confusing because you may not know when the call may finish.
  3. There is also no screen sharing ability. This is the one factor that both flock and slack share.

So, when it comes to free packages, Flock wins at being a better deal and a better option. Even though both are offering a free package, Flock has far better features including conference call options.

Paid Package

When it comes to a paid package, these are just some features that are provided to the user:


  1. Within the Flock software, the number of users that can be on the call or on the group chat at the same time is 20.
  2. One of the benefits of using a paid package within the Flock software is that the voice and video calls are unlimited.
  3. You will have the ability to share the screen easily.


  • The number of users who can use the Slack software at the same time is 15. They can use the conference call at the same time and the group messaging too.
  • The call duration is not specified. This means that there is a chance it may be cut short at any time.
  • There is the added ability to screen share. Which slack shares with Flock. This is about the only similarity these two have.

Within the paid package deal, Flock still takes the lead. It has better options and far better features.

With the exception of screen sharing ability, Slack and Flock are very different from each other when it comes to video calls in a paid package. In both the free package and paid package, the overall winner in terms of call quality, video quality and the number of users that can call at the same time is Flock. Flock has far better video quality along with a better connection package.

Final Verdict

After all that has been said about the debate between Flock vs Slack, it is important to point out that both of the programmes and software’s were built for the purpose of communication. Both of these are used by small scale companies so that there can be communication between the entire company.

The best thing to focus on is what you or your business needs particularly. This means, knowing the requirements of your team and your company. What features will best work with your projects and what kind of software you would want for your team? By thinking this way, you and your team will be able to pick a programme that will benefit you and will increase productivity within your company. For most businesses, Flock is the answer to all their problems. Flock is far more affordable. With its free