GoToMeeting: A Complete Review On The Features

GoToMeeting Review: Working from home or working from a remote area means that you need to connect with many people frequently. This cannot be done without a proper conference calling software. You need a conference calling software on regular basis to keep in touch with your team and get updates on the work. This is why you should have one of the best conference calling software that fits your requirements perfectly.

Looking for the best conference call software to carry out your job from home or any remote location? If yes, then you should definitely consider GoToMeeting. It is among one of the best conference call software currently available. The software provides a fast and easy solution to your conference calling needs. No matter what the size of your business is, this software is perfect for all small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale businesses.

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Top Features Of GoToMeeting

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GoToMeeting provides excellent features to its customers that help them to efficiently carry out their jobs and make their business successful. If you are not sure about purchasing any plan of the software, you can even try the free trial that will help you decide. Let’s take a look at different features of the software that you can benefit from.

Conference Calls

Working from remote areas or working from home means that you need to occasionally connect with different people such as your coworker, business partners, employees, and customers. No matter where you are located or to whom you want to connect, now you can connect to anyone you want with the conference call feature of GoToMeeting.

There are no complicated requirements that you need to fulfill to access this feature. All that you need to have is a stable internet connection and you can call anyone you want from anywhere.

You do not even need to worry about the compatibility of this conference call software as it is compatible with all the mobile phone devices, MAC, and Windows.

No matter whether you are using the free trial plan or the purchased plan, you do not need to worry about exceeding a particular limit as all the plans allow you to enjoy unlimited audio calls to anywhere in the world.

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Apart from this, the software lets you have personalized email invitations along with meetings that are just a click away.

Video Conferences

Looking for something more than just an audio conference call? GoToMeeting now provides you with the option of a conference video call as well. The quality of the video call that this software provides is in HD which means that you can now experience high-quality video calling software while sitting at your home. Did you know that GoToMeeting lets a total of twenty-five users access their webcams at the same time in a single meeting?

Apart from this, GoToMeeting is much simpler and less complicated than other video calling software. It does not have any complicated settings, errors, or outrages as compared to the other video calling software. This makes it easier for the people to use this software and this is why this platform is ranked among one of the best conference calling software available to the people.

No matter whether you are using it from your mobile or computer, the software adjusts its bandwidth automatically according to the hardware that you are using. It even gives you the option of changing the format of your display before you go live.

Apart from this, you can even turn off your camera without having to leave the meeting. What else do you want?

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Screen Sharing

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Screen sharing is gaining popularity in online business meetings because it lets other people understand what you are trying to explain with a visual aid. This is why you need to have a conference calling software that lets you share your screen without distorting the quality of your video and audio conference call.

GoToMeeting now lets you present your screen to other people in real-time to the participants of the meeting while you are still on the audio and video conference call.  In this way, you can take the aid of visual communication in your business meeting whenever required. This would help you in turning your meetings more effective.

With the help of screen sharing, you can now present your ideas, come up with new ideas with the help of other participants present in the meeting, and train the junior team members as well.

You can even choose which screen you want to share. It completely depends upon the needs of the user. Whether you want to share your whole monitor or just a single app, you can do it with the help of this software. Thus, a regular conference call can be converted into a full-fledged meeting session anytime with the help of this screen sharing feature.

Transcriptions And Recordings

One of the most common disadvantages that the participants of a virtual meeting face is the ability to retain and remember the information discussed in the meeting. The participants and the presenters can’t take a note of all the points discussed in a meeting especially if it is held for longer hours. This is why you need a conference calling software that lets you transcript and record all the points discussed in the meeting. This is now possible through GoToMeeting conference calling software.

The transcription and recording feature of this software lets you record any screen that you want. All you need to do is click on the record button and let GoToMeeting do the job for you. When you click on the record button, the screen of the presenter along with the audio of every participant of the meeting will be recorded. The software even provides you the option to store this recording on the cloud so that it doesn’t consume much memory.

Apart from this, the conference calling software also provides you with the feature of The Smart Meeting Assistant. It lets you arrange all the important points discussed in the meeting so that you can refer back to those points whenever you want.

Hardware Bundles

Sometimes software is not just enough to fulfill all your needs when it comes to having the best conference call platform. For this purpose, you need to have all the hardware bundles as well. They let you run the software successfully on your specific device which in result provides you with high-quality meetings.

GoToMeeting provides its users with hardware bundles that let them overcome the problem of space. Whether you want to hold the meeting for a smaller group or you want a large conference space, the hardware bundles will provide you with all the facilities.

The quality of their hardware bundles is the best available in the entire market. With Poly and Dolby Voice, this conference calling platform provides the best audio and video calling features to its users.

You can install the entire setup in just fifteen minutes that reflects that the whole software is quite user-friendly and easy to be used by just anyone. Thus, you can now set up your conference room hardware yourself without the need of involving any third party. It lets you save the cost o setting up as well.

Compatible For All Devices

It is very difficult to find conference call software that is compatible with both computers and mobile phones. In the case of remote employees, they can’t sit on a desk and attend the meeting. This is why they need a conference calling software that is mobile and on the go. This problem can now be solved through GoToMeeting software.

GotoMeeting software is a mobile conferencing platform that you can now use on your mobile phones as well. No matter whether your mobile phone device has iOS or Android operating software, it is compatible with all of them. This lets you join any meeting no matter where you are at that moment.

The mobile app of GoToMeeting is just as effective as the desktop app. It provides all the features mentioned above. No matter whether you want to enjoy the transcript and recording feature or the video conference calling feature, you can have access to all the features while using the mobile phone device app. The app will adjust the bandwidth accordingly to ensure that you get high-quality services no matter where you are present at that particular time.

Final Words

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If you are looking for the best conference call software that lets you connect with others while you are working from home or present in any remote location, then GoToMeeting should be your top priority. It provides its users with the top features that are not available with any other conference calling software. The software also provides its users a period of free trial that lets the users check out all the features before deciding on purchasing the plan. Now the users can easily attend the meeting while recording it for later use as well. What else do you want in conference call software?