Is Zoom Being Replaced By The Underdog GoToMeeting? – A Detailed Comparison

Zoom Vs GoToMeeting: Work from home was a part of the work culture of a few industries, but after the world was hit by the storm that was the corona virus, it has become way more prevalent in all industries across the borders.

Work from home became the new normal as everything was put on lockdown and where workers were able to find solutions for their businesses in the form of online alternatives, one thing that was proving to be a huge hassle was communication between the team of any particular workplace.

What was once as simple as scheduling a meeting, have everyone be physically there to pitch ideas, analyze trends, and discuss goals to achieve growth and progress for the company became a distant dream as the physical factor was taken out of the equation. Miraculously, as is common knowledge by this point, a hero came in the form of ‘Zoom’.

An online alternative to physical meetings in the form of conference video calls, giving you the option of collaborating with each other in real time as similar to real meetings as possible. The best part about Zoom was that it was highly facilitative, very user-friendly and no technical glitches such as the call dropping mid-meeting or other technical issues.

These among some other invaluable benefits of the platform that made sure to accommodate the problems being faced by those not being able to carry out work as normal, made it ragingly popular in addition to the fact that the makers of Zoom launched it at just the right time exactly when it was needed.

Thus began the advent of Zoom as made its way to the top tiers of online businesses in terms of popularity and profit, as it was and still is being used by all kinds of organizations and even educational institutes.

Zoom Vs GoToMeeting

gotomeeting vs zoom

However, Zoom may have gotten a big head start when it came to online meetings but other similar platforms were quick to follow and as is tradition of the cut-throat corporate world we live in today, there are a number of alternatives that offer the same features as Zoom.

Some might argue that they have come up with features that are even better than the ones Zoom is currently offering. In this article, we’ve chosen another up and coming online meeting platform known as ‘GoToMeeting’, which is becoming more and more widely used, to explore the details and the functions of, while simultaneously comparing them with the ones Zoom has, to help you understand which is the right one for you and your intended workplace.

Below is a list of all the variables that are essential to users of online conference holders and a detailed description of what Zoom and GoToMeeting can bring to each variable.

Quality Of Video

Nobody wants bad quality video. The entire purpose behind having video included conferences is to be able to see each other clearly, so that communication is able to take place just as well as it would in person.

That entails the ability to be able to communicate non-verbally as well as verbally in a clear manner, just as people are able to pick up on cues from expressions when they are meeting physically. So it can be well agreed that the quality of the video is the most fundamental aspect of online conferences.

Fortunately, in this area both of the online conference holding platforms score high points. Although GoToMeeting requires a slightly slower speed of internet to give you that high quality than Zoom does. In Zoom, typically 3 mbps internet is sufficient for good video quality in online meetings, whereas GoToMeeting will facilitate good video quality in online meetings at just 1 mbps.

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Number Of Participants

Another factor that cannot go without being considered when picking the best online conferencing option available for your company’s particular demands is naturally how many number of participants you are planning on having on the conferences.

Both the platforms have a few different participant limits dependent on which plan is being used. Zoom’s most famous plan is the unpaid one, known for offering a generous number of 100 participants at a time to access its online conference features.

At the same time, the unpaid plan of GoToMeeting will allow you to only have 3 participants as that is the limit for their free plan. But if yours is a company of larger size, you can purchase one of the many different plans both have to offer for various sizes of organizations.

With Zoom, the maximum participants that can be accommodated with their paid plan is one thousand participants. With GoToMeeting, that number will go up to three thousand participants if you opt for their enterprise plan.

Choosing this factor really depends on how big your organizations is, bigger organizations would naturally go for GoToMeeting in this case seeing as they enable a considerably larger amount of participants to be able to conduct online meetings at the same time.


There are a few tiers of prices according to the different tiers of plans offered by the two platforms. As you may have heard, Zoom offers a lot of great features for their basic plan that users do not have to pay for. Although it comes with the limitation of only being able to conduct one single meeting for 40 minutes after which you’ll have to set up the process of starting a new meeting all over again.

Its ‘Pro’ plan is priced at $14.99 per month and will give you freedom from this limitation and they describe it the best option for small teams, as it allows up to a 100 participants and the limit of the duration of the meeting goes up to 24 hours. The same plan also offers the useful feature of cloud storage of data up to 1 GB.

Zoom’s other two plans; Business and Enterprise are both priced at $19.99 per month. The business plan is suitable for small to medium business and enterprise is for larger organizations.

Both of them have features according to the intended audience and upscale the features of the pro plan as well with the Enterprise Plus plan giving you access it unlimited cloud storage and up to a total of 1000 participants.

Coming to GoToMeeting, it also offers a variety of plans. Their free plan also limits the duration of the meeting to a 40 minute call, while the number of participants goes down to only 3.

Those who can make use of the conferencing platforms for free, will most likely choose Zoom due to this big difference. However, GoToMeeting offers slightly lower prices when it comes to their paid plans.

Their Professional plan is priced at $14 and Business plan is priced at $19 per month. The professional plan enables users to access unlimited cloud storage, note-taking and sharing, sharing of mouse and keyboard and many other helpful features.

The enterprise plan of GoToMeeting is prized for having the capacity of 3000 participants, but the price is a quote that is given to you when you share with them the details of your organization as they will come up with a tailored plan for your organization.

Additional Features

Both Zoom and GoToMeeting have a large variety of additional features on top of the basic ability to be able to hold online conferences to further facilitate the users in their online meetings.

For the most part, a lot of these additional features are in common between the two. Both Zoom and GoToMeeting enable the use of very useful features, of which the most primary ones are: sharing screens, recording the meetings and storing them on the cloud to be able to revisit later, an empty whiteboard for demonstrating and writing important information on, easy sharing of files during the duration of the meeting, sharing of mice and keyboards among the participants.

Although, Zoom does offer a few more features than GoToMeeting does at the moment. A unique feature that Zoom offers is that of touching up your skin, which will essentially smooth out the appearance of your skin to the onlooker, allowing you to be able to look better than you actually do because we all know that at times we don’t have time to get as dressed as we want to.

Apart from that Zoom also offers you breakout rooms that allow breaking up the participants into teams and a fun feature like virtual backgrounds.

Final Words

The competition is quite stiff between both Zoom and GoToMeeting, as they are going pretty head to head when it comes to all the different factors that are considered important for online conferencing solutions.

However, this detailed comparison was done for you to know the vital differences underneath it all. In the end, it really depends on the intended use of the platforms.

As different features along with their respective prices will be useful to those who can take the maximum benefit out of them. In that effect, we hope that this detailed comparison was helpful for you in deciding the answer to the question of Zoom vs. GoToMeeting.