Microsoft To Do: A Complete Review On The Features

Microsoft To Do is a simple to use task manager that can help you stay organized and manage your everyday activities. It can assist you in many different areas such as list making, event planning, and staying punctual and organized. For remote workers, Microsoft To Do can prove to be essential as it can be used to manage their work routine. They can easily work from home and stay organized to increase their productivity level and work in a professional manner.

One of the best things about Microsoft To Do is that it is completely free of cost and doesn’t require you to pay a single penny. Most task managing tools these days have free versions but have all their features limited to the premium plans. However, Microsoft To Do is free for all the users and offers all of its features. All you need to do is download the application on your mobile phone or computer and sign in with a Microsoft account. You can also access their features by using their website from any device.

Features Of Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To Do

Being one of the top task managing options, Microsoft To Do comes with a variety of features to assist you throughout your day. Along with its daily planner and task manager, you can take advantage of its To Do Lists for any purpose as well. It also has Office 365 integrated into the tool which makes your tasks easier and convenient. If you’re wondering about the features of Microsoft To do, here is a complete breakdown of everything this task management software has to offer.

Ease Of Use

Microsoft To Do is a simple to use software that can be easily understood and integrated into your daily life. With an easy to understand user interface, it can be used by beginners who are new to management tools. The simple design of the application makes management possible with just a few taps of your finger. Like other Microsoft programs such as Office, Microsoft To Do also allows you to use the traditional keyboard shortcuts. Creating, Adding, and completing tasks can get much easier with shortcuts. This makes it convenient for people to adapt to this program, making it one of the best project managing tools on the market.

File Management And Sharing

Another great thing about Microsoft To Do is the ability to manage all your files. With this platform, you can not only store and manage files associated with each task or project but also share them with relevant people. This allows your team to keep all the files organized in the same space as the task, making it convenient to access them. File sharing and storage features allow many different types of files including images and documents. These files can be uploaded in relevance to the task and shared with other users of Microsoft To Do. The size limit for file upload is set at 25 MB and users can take advantage of this feature by clicking the ‘Add a file’ option for that task.

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Support Services

Customer support is one of the most essential things to consider when deciding on a tool for management. As with other Microsoft Services, you can contact support for Microsoft To Do as well. Firstly, you need to decide on what your query is and whether you need to visit their forums, frequently asked questions, or the support. You may be asked to discuss the issue by answering a few automated questions before your request is submitted to the support team. For a mega-company like Microsoft, customer satisfaction and support services are prioritized. This means that you can easily get any help regarding Microsoft To Do or get guidance on how to use the platform for task management and planning. The support team will be more than happy to assist you. To top it all off, there is a tips and tricks option under the help bar to help you understand the program as well.

Task Prioritization And Viewing

Microsoft To Do allows you to create new tasks to keep track of anything you’re trying to accomplish. Not only can you create sub-tasks for smaller details of your project but also prioritize certain tasks. This feature can allow you to decide on what things to focus on and how much time and effort should you utilize for them. Furthermore, it also lets you view all your tasks categorized under ‘Today’ and ‘Week’ views. With the help of this viewing feature, you can organize your life in a better way to deal with all the complications and side projects.

Add, Print, Or Keep Track Of Your Tasks

Microsoft To Do Review

After the recent update and new features added by Microsoft, you will be able to change the way you add your tasks. This can allow you to add or edit tasks in different ways that suit you. Printing your tasks to get a hardcopy of your plans or lists is also possible with Microsoft To Do. It is also easy to keep track of all your tasks and see the completed ones. The ability to check the status of your tasks and make alterations on how you add them makes Microsoft To Do one of the best task managers.

Collaborative Tasks And List Sharing

Despite not having this feature at launch, Microsoft has made amendments and added the ability to collaborate on tasks. Users can collaborate and work together to complete various tasks. While individual task sharing is not possible, to-do lists can be shared with other users. Other users you give access to will not only be able to view the lists but also make changes to them as well. You can share lists by right-clicking a list and then click the ‘Share list’. For mobile users, this can be done through the ‘Add user’ button. This feature can make collaborating on lists easier for all the users of Microsoft To Do.

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To Do List Making

As the name of the platform suggests, it can be used to make lists for all types of things. Whether you’re planning an event, a party, a business meeting, or day to day activities, you can use this feature to prepare lists of everything you need to prepare or do. This allows users to be more organizational and punctual with their lives. Moreover, this feature can also serve as a reminder for all your activities and you can feel content about never forgetting to do something.

Cortana Integration

Cortana is a virtual assistance program designed by Microsoft and since Microsoft To Do is from the same company, there is another feature added to this task management tool. You have the option to integrate and connect Cortana from any device that has the virtual assistant enabled. All you need to do is set up connected services. You can do this by navigating through Notebook and then the Manage Skills tab in Cortana. Once you’re connected with Cortana, you will be able to get help from this virtual assistant for your task management. This feature also allows you to use Cortana to read out tasks and lists to help you get through your busy schedule.

Day/Week Planner

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Microsoft To Do also comes with a planner that can help you prepare a schedule for your day or week. It can serve as an assistant preparing you for all the meetings or daily chores. With this feature, you can plan and schedule your day or even your entire week to know when you will be busy and when you will be free. It also lets you note down every upcoming activity or plan down to the tiniest detail about the time it is expected to start. This furthers than organization and punctuality Microsoft To Do adds to your life.


Last but not the least; Microsoft To Do is available to all users around the world. This task managing tool can be accessed via a mobile application that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play store. On top of that, users can also access the platform on their computers via the Mac or Windows applications. Website access is also available across all devices for users who do not wish to download anything. The availability of Microsoft To Do on all types of platforms and devices make it a convenient solution to all your managing problems. It also means that you can share lists and files with users who are accessing the tool from another platform.

Final Words

Microsoft To Do is an easy to use program that can assist you in achieving all your goals by being organized. It is free of cost and can be used for all your planning, management, and list making needs. You can take advantage of all these features by getting this application on your phone or computer. Make sure to create a Microsoft account if you don’t have one already.