Review Of The Top Features That You Should Not Miss

The employees of any organization need to have project management software that they can use while working from home or anywhere remote. For this purpose, is probably the best option that you’ve got. It is the most versatile but simple tool for managers all around the world that lets you manage all your office projects. It is based on a work operating system or OS that lets the managers run their projects with ease and confidence. Thus, the main aim of this project management software is to provide its users with ease and simplicity so that they can actually enjoy the software while using it.

Top Features Of

To provide ease and comfort to their users, many features have been added for them that lets them use this project management software easily. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Two-Factor Authentication

Looking for an extra layer of security to add to your projects? You can now achieve it easily with the two-factor authentication that has to offer. No matter who tries to access your account with a new device, they will be sent a security code on their phones which they will enter before accessing the software. Thus, with this feature, you can now ensure that all your projects stay safe and secure. Initially, this feature was only available to Enterprise plans, but now anyone can access this feature with no additional charges.

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Helps In Advanced Board Filtering

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With the introduction of advanced board filtering that has to offer, you can now easily find tasks and projects that need more attention than the other tasks and projects. This is possible through advanced board filtering. All you need to do is find the projects marked as blank on the board of the software. You can even view them by filtering the blank projects to check which tasks need more attention and need to be handled quickly. Thus, this feature helps you in identifying all the tasks that have neglected and the tasks that have no due date.

Import Spreadsheet From Excel

Nowadays, working without excel is almost impossible for anyone. The team members need Excel to communicate with each other and make changes to the sheets as well. This is why allows its users to import spreadsheets directly from Excel and let the team members work on it and make the required changes on it. The project management software will create a board with all your data just the way you wanted it to be. Thus, merging your excel sheets with project management software has never been this easier.

Provides Tag Columns

If you are familiar with keywords, then you must know how tags work too. This feature is included in as well. They function just like keywords that help you organize your tasks, projects, and different lists on different boards. To get a filtered view of the cross boards that you have tagged, all you need to do is click on the tags and all the boards will appear in front of you. This project management software even allows you to filter tags within a single board as well.

Board Permission Mode

No one wants anyone to mess with the perfect board that they have just created. This is why you need to keep them safe and secure from others. This option is now available through the board permission board that has to offer. offers the feature of ‘Edit Content’ which is a permission mode to its users. It allows the teammates to change and edit the pulses of the board only. Thus, it provides you relief from the worry of someone making a large structural change to your board.

Lets You Change And Add Board Owners

If you are a group leader or admin of any specific project, lets you add new owners to the boards as well. No matter whose boar it is, you can easily add new owners if you are the admin. This feature can come in handy when a member of your team has left the work and you need to immediately transfer the ownership of the board to someone else.

BoltSwitch Feature Lets You Switch Between Various Boards

Sometimes there are a lot of boards present in your left pane. Switching and viewing all your boards can prove to be a bit tricky if you have a lot of boards. But not anymore. With the help of the BoltSwitch feature that this software management tool has to offer, you can now easily switch between various boards on your left pane and view them whenever you want.

Provides Attractive Status Colors

The more visual the project management is, the better it is for the users and the clients. This is why offers its users a total of twenty attractive status colors with which they can be creative with. This allows the users to customize their board according to their wishes and create a board of their dream. The users can even edit the status menu that helps them reduce all the clutter on their board. This is what makes one of the best project management tools for the managers.

Offers A Variety Of Templates has taken inspiration from some of the very successful agencies and teams all around the world. The company has taken ideas from these successful people to build templates of their own. Now you can browse through different templates that this project management tool has to offer and create a special board of your own. You can even customize the already available templates according to your wish and requirements.

Insert A New Row And Column With Just A Click

Sometimes it gets very exhausting for the users to scroll all the way down only to insert a new column or a row. This is why they need a quick solution to the problem. For this purpose, has introduced a feature of the creation of the instant row and column with just a click. You can now create a new column and a row just with a single click without scrolling to the bottom. In the same way, you can even add a new pulse below the pulse that you are already working on.

Lets You Mention Everyone does not only let you mention specific team members on your team. You can mention everyone who have subscribed to your board. If you have a shareable board, you can even mention all your subscribers on your board at once. This is a great feature that this project management software has to offer to its users as it helps them to connect with their subscribers just by a simple click. All you need to do is type @ and mention whoever you want to.

Find Things With The Command Tool

Searching for the things one by one can be really tiresome and exhausting for the people. Many people consider it a waste of time as well because searching for things manually takes a lot of time. This is why managers are always looking for software that lets them save as much time as possible. This is why has been gaining popularity among others. The project management software helps the users save their valuable time by letting them search directly with a command instead of searching for the boards manually.

The Year Picker Tool

Planning for a project in the future? Now you do not need to set the date and the year by clicking twelve times to select the next year. With the year picker feature that has to offer to its users, you can choose whichever year you need to select directly without having to click so many times. What else do you want in project management software?

The Desktop App

For those of you who do not know, has introduced its desktop app to the users. No matter whether you use a MAC or Windows software for your laptop, the desktop app of this project management software is compatible for all the users and the company keeps on improving its desktop app with new improvements and bug fixes. Thus, you can easily access the desktop app of this software without having to access it from the web every time you need to do some work.

Recover Data That You Have Deleted

Have you accidentally deleted your board, pulse, column, or data? Well, you do not need to worry anymore. If you are managing your project with, the software helps you recover your deleted data from the bin. instead of deleting your data permanently transfers it into a recycle bin where it stays for thirty days. You can now recover your deleted data from the bin in the next thirty days or else it will be lost forever.

Final Words

So, if you want customizable project management software that you can use to create your projects while working from home or anywhere else, you should definitely consider as it is very easy and flexible to use.