Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs: 15+ Companies Hiring Today!

Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs: Work from home isn’t a new concept. Because of the development of communication technology, working from home is becoming much more convenient. And because of the pandemic, the concept of working from home grew popular. In many cases, it became essential. People are forced to work from home because of states imposing lockdowns and maintaining social distance. 

Working can involve receiving or making phone calls. There are many people who do not like or prefer to communicate over phone calls for any work-related purpose. You can be introverted and it can be difficult for introverts to communicate through phone calls. You might live in a noisy environment or your English speaking might not be fluent. And if you are one of them, we got great news for you. There is plenty of non-phone work from home jobs that you can do to earn a decent amount of money. 

Non-phone work from work involves communication through texting or emailing. You won’t need to make or receive a single phone call if you do a non-work from home job. So, we are going to talk about some of the most efficient and best non-phone work from home jobs and companies that are hiring right now. 

1. Transcription Typing Jobs

Transcription typing is one of the best non-phone work from the home jobs right now. It is much popular and the demand is growing. You need to transcribe audio or video files into text. It can be an interview or a podcast, you have to listen to it and type in using your computer.

You need good quality headphones, fast internet, decent English skills, and, fast typing skills to do transcription typing jobs. Transcription typing jobs can be lengthy because the audio or video files can be quite long and you need to listen carefully to get the job properly done. 

Transcribe Me is a decent site that hires people to do transcription typing. It is a great place for novices who are looking for transcription typing jobs. Joining Transcribe Me is pretty much easy. You need to submit an application and you will be required to go through a typing test where you need to pass if you want to get considered by them. And if you don’t want to work for anyone, you can go freelancing. And for freelancing Transcription Typing jobs, you can check out Daily transcription

2. Content Writing

content writer

If you want to know about anything like a product, you are likely to search it on the internet looking for content. Content writing is very popular all around the world. Any type of business or even non-business organization needs to promote themselves in different media. And they need content for it. Many websites and blog owners around the world are hiring content writers and willing to pay a decent amount for it. 

If you want to be a content writer, all you need is a pc in working condition, average typing skills, and decent English skills. If you want to produce quality content, make sure it’s engaging towards the audience and it’s free from any sort of grammatical mistakes and plagiarism. The income depends on the quality and quantity of the contents. 

Content writing jobs are mostly freelancing. There are people around who are looking to hire freelance content writers. UpWork is a great freelancing platform for content writing. There are more than 8500 jobs available in UpWork that are hiring now. You can also check out other platforms like Fiverr, Craiglist, Problogger, and People Per Hour are places where you will find numerous content writing jobs. 

3. Customer Support Chat and Email 

There are different types of business organizations or companies who needs to be responsive to their customers as much as possible. For which they need customer support. They hire agents for their non-voice customer support. Non-voice customer support might feature live chat or email where you will be required to respond to the customers through chat or reply to emails. 

If you don’t like to deal with people over the phone, this can be a great job for you. All you need to be responsive, fast, and accurate typing skills and have decent English skills if you want to be a customer support agent. You can make a good amount of money by doing this job. The payment is usually on an hourly basis. 

The Chat Shop is a well-reputed company that hires customer support agents. They pay around 10$ an hour. They are hiring now. You need to submit an application to apply for The Chat Shop. You will be required to go through an assessment test; you will get the job if you pass the test. 

4. Proofreading and Editing 

If you think that you have great grammar skills, proofreading and editing can be a job that you will love doing. There are thousands of articles and much other written content published every day. These contents are not published right after they are written. It needs to be proofread and edited by an editor. 

If you want to get a job of proofreading and editing, you need to be a fast reader and you must be able to spot errors quickly. The more documents you proofread and edit, the more money you make. And most importantly, you don’t need to make or receive phone calls for this job. 

Proofreading is mostly a freelancing job. There are many companies that are hiring editors. ProofreadingServices is a well-known website where you can find many Proofreading and editing jobs. UpWork and Gramlee are also hiring independent proofreaders and editors which you can also check out. 

5. Virtual Assistant 

If you have great management skills and you think that you can handle the tasks and challenges of a business organization, you can give a shot for the job of a virtual assistant. Usually, being someone’s assistant involves dealing with numerous phone calls. But if you can become a virtual assistant, you can do everything an assistant does without dealing with phone calls. You can do everything on your PC. 

If you have previous experience in being an office assistant, you will find this very easy and convenient. The job of a virtual assistant requires dealing with many businesses related stuff like responding to emails, handling documents, sending invoices, handling events, etc.   

Time Etc. is an outstanding company that hires virtual assistants for different organizations. If you apply for Time Etc. you will be required to go through an assessment test to get the job. The payment is on an hourly basis and you will get pay at least 15$ per hour. 

6. Search Engine Evaluation

Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs

Search engine websites are the most visited type of websites. The job of search engine evaluation is quite interesting. You need to analyze the results and determine the accuracy of the search results. You need to find out whether the search results showed after typing the keyword are relevant or not.

This is not a hard job but you need to be highly analytical to qualify for this job. You won’t need to communicate through phone calls for doing this job. These jobs are paid on an hourly basis and you can get paid around 15$ per hour. 

Appen is one of the best search engine evaluator companies who are willing to pay a decent amount of money to their employees. You can also check out Lionbridge if you are interested in a search engine evaluation job. 

7. Social Media Manager

If you are a social media person and have great management skills, the job of a social media manager can be a great experience for you. And no phone calls are required for this job at all which is the most fun part. 

Most of the people who have access to the internet use social media and this is the reason that social media is one of the most efficient ways of digital marketing. Almost every business organization has a social media account or page where they promote their business, product, and services. Not just business organizations, any celebrity, or even influencers have social media pages that allow them to interact with their fans.

These pages can receive a huge amount of response depending on the popularity. And in most cases, owners of the pages hire a social media manager who handles the page on behalf of them and willing to pay a fair amount for it. You need to be fast and responsive, have decent English knowledge to be a social media manager. You will have to make posts on a regular basis as well. The payment of this job is on an hourly basis and you can easily make 500$ a month. 

If you are interested in the job of a Social Media Manager, you can consider applying for Appen, $99 Social, and Vox Media

8. Photography

Many organizations, websites, or blogs want unique photos and the only way for them is to buy the license of photos online. So, ff you can take good photos and want to make money by selling photos online, you can consider being a photographer, although this is quite challenging as there are many photographers out there. So, you need to take outstanding photos to stand out among so many photographers. 

If you are interested in professional photography, you can consider applying for Shutterstock. Shutterstock is probably the most popular website when it comes to stock photos. How much you will income depends on the number of subscriptions and unique downloads of your photos. This is a great opportunity for photographers to earn a handful amount of money. 

9. Graphics Designer 

Graphics design is one of the most demanded tasks right now. Different business organizations and companies want graphic designs for different types of promotions. There are many companies that want a logo for their organization and they need a graphics designer for that. If you are good at photoshop, you can take this opportunity to make a lot of money. 

Even if you are not skilled at photoshop, you can learn it in a couple of months. There are many online platforms who are offering photoshop courses at a very cheap rate. There are also free courses that you might find. All you need is a decent PC and creativity of course. The income mostly depends on how skilled you are as a graphics designer and your reputation. If you are interested in graphics designing, you can consider applying for Superside, DesignCrowd, Aeolidia, etc. 

10. App and Website Testing 

New websites and apps are coming every day. There are many websites and app developers who are working on numerous websites and apps. But before publishing a website or an app, it needs to be tested on other devices and platforms to make sure that it is functioning properly. So, they hire app testers who will test their apps and report for bugs and errors so that they can fix it. 

You need a Pc and stable internet connection to be an App tester. The payment is likely to be on an hourly basis. UserTesting is a website and app testing platform that hires people to test different apps and websites and express their opinion. UserTesting is hiring now and they can pay up to 10$ for every 20 minutes of testing which is decent.


In conclusion, you might have your preferences but nothing can hold you back if you are determined enough. There are thousands of jobs available which is just a click away. Every jobs mentioned in this non-phone work from home list is very interesting. And these jobs won’t help you make a lot of money but you learn a lot and gain experience which is very important and will come in handy in your future life. Pick the one you find the most suitable. You can also explore and try more than just one.