Slack Vs Teams: In the Debate, Which Programme Wins?

Slack Vs Teams: Microsoft has managed to reign supreme since its inception. From building customers to making sure that their products and software are up-to-date, Microsoft has not let down any of their customers. By the introduction of Microsoft Teams, it has managed to integrate its chatting program into the remote working market.

Slack on the other hand was purely built for communication. It was built to create a common chatting place where the entire company or staff could easily communicate. This replaced personal emails and long email chain mails. One message could be shared with the entire staff easily and quickly.

Slack Vs Teams

So, what is the main difference between these two? On the surface, they look pretty similar and share some common features. It is also common knowledge that Microsoft Teams was started to combat and go up against Slack. Let’s delve a little deeper and see the many differences that can be pointed out between Slack and Teams.


Now, the interface of both Teams and Slack are almost the same. So, what makes each of them uniquely different from each other?


microsoft teams interface
  1. In Teams, you are shown a toolbar that is on the bottom of the page. This will provide you with access to different stickers and gifs that you can use freely and easily.
  2. Here you can make your own customized sticker too. All you need to do is click on customize and you will be able to create a personalized sticker.
  3. In terms of messaging interface, Teams offer’s only three main options. The light, dark and neutral. You do not have access to a variety of colors that suit you.


slack interface
  1. The user interface of Slack is easy and simple. Any user and customer can go through it without any help.
  2. Although Slack offers access to customization of stickers, it is not as easy to access as it is on Teams.
  3. When it comes to customization of the user interface, Slack is far better. You have the option to change not only the mode but also the whole outlook of the page.

So, did Slack win this round or did Teams win this round? If we are being completely honest then definitely Teams wins this round. The reason for that is simple. The user interface of Teams may be a little complicated, but it is built for larger companies with bigger projects. Its complexity in the way it has been built is enough for larger and bigger companies to go for Teams and work with it.

Slack on the other hand is better for smaller companies. It is an easier interface to understand and the transition within the interface is smooth. Along with this, there are more options in terms of making the appearance better.

Pricing Plans

When it comes to Teams vs Slacks, the topic of pricing does come up. What are the differences in the programme and which one is better in terms of paid packages and deals?


  1. The Teams programme offers around three different premium packages to their customers.
  2. Initially the package is free for a certain amount of time. Then once you decide to upgrade, there are three premium packages.
  3. The basic package that is $5, then the standard which is $12.50 and lastly E3 which is $20.


  1. Slack offers 50 GB storage for free in the initial free trial.
  2. $6.67 in the standard trial per month. This includes unlimited messages, video sharing and many other features.
  3. Slack is a lot cheaper than Teams and thus has more features and app sharing programmes.

When it comes to pricing plans, Slack wins the round. This is simply because Slack allows the user amore acceptably rated package. The highest their package goes is up to $12.50 which, if compared to Teams, is a lot less. It has different services that it offers clients that fall within the free package deal.

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Storage Availability

With programs such as Teams vs Slack, it is important to know the amount of storage that is available to them. Because these are sharing programs that allow the whole company to share the same platform, it is important to know how the two fare in terms of storage capacity.


  1. Teams free package initially offers 2 GB free storage to its users. That is 2 GB per person and 10 GB for the whole team.
  2. If you decide to switch to the basic and standard package, it is then 1 TB for the whole team. This way there is enough storage for all the members.
  3. By switching it up to the premium package, the customer will receive unlimited storage. This way the team can use unlimited storage to store their material and files easily.


  1. Now, in Slack, the free package includes 5 GB for the whole team. Here there are no individual packages that individual team members can benefit from.
  2. Through the paid package, the storage limit goes up from 5 GB to 10 GB per user and then 20 GB per user too. This way there is more storage space for the customer to store messages and videos respectively.

This is a tie between the two. While Teams offers individual storage capacity for its customers at the free package level, it offers a great deal of shared storage for the team in the paid packages.

Sack on the other hand offers initial storage for the entire teams and as the customer uses the paid package, they get more storage individual than they do together as a collective.  Thus, this round would be a tie between the two.

Conference Calls

In the Slack Vs Teams debate, it would be wrong not to talk about the video calls. Conference calls have become the norm nowadays. So, which one has a better package and which one is better in terms of video calls packages.


  1. Let it be the free version or the paid ones. Teams offer you free calling opportunities with up to 250 people at a single time.
  2. Along with the video call, there is an option of recording the call for future reference.
  3. Along with this, the other option is for screen sharing. Now, this is a great facility because it offers the customers full access to all the services that the program has to offer.


  1. In the free package, slack offers only one-to-one call.
  2. If you are a company that wants to have up to 16 or 17 conference calls simultaneously, then you need to get the upgraded and paid version.
  3. Even within the paid version, the calls allowed at the same time are relatively less than that of Teams.

This is clearly a win for Teams. There is no competition with the platform when it comes to communication services. Slack may have a lot of different features that may be beloved by the users. When it comes to video calls and conference calls, Teams takes the cake. Teams offers its clients and customers conference calls with up to 250 people at the same time.

In Slack, the free version allows the customer to call only one other person and in the paid version, they can only call up to 17 people. This is far less than what Teams has to offer to the customer.

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Final Decision

Finally, the time has come where there has to be a decision slack vs teams. The decision to decide which communication platform is the best for you, the customer. Which one fulfills all the requirements that you require.

Before that decision is taken, let’s just remind ourselves that both of these programmes are exceptionally good programs. They have managed to stay at the top of their game for so long and have managed to stay relevant.

That being said, Teams is the one for the win. Though Slack has a better user interface that allows the customer to easily use it and go through it, Teams is the far better option. It has better storage services that are offered to not only the individual but to all the people using the programmecollectively.

Along with that, the biggest feature that makes Teams win this round is the fact that it allows around 250 people to communicate with each other at the same time. Being a communication platform, Teams wins in the field of voice and video communications. The customer is allowed to record and video share within the call which has managed to increase its demand.

Both of these programmes have their own merits and their own qualities. Slack is great for small scale business and start-ups. Teams on the other hand is a great programme for big companies that are managing big accounts. They are both great in their own respective ways. In this debate of Slack Vs Teams though, Teams wins and takes the crown. Slack has a lot of catching up to do and has managed to stand its ground on many facets, but Microsoft Teams has managed to still stand tall and take the crown for themselves because they are truly the programme for communication.