Top 10 Fantastic Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for Teachers

Fantastic Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for Teachers: Teaching may become tiresome to you these days. The everyday struggle of getting up early in the morning, the monotonous journey, a long day in school, and back to home when you can’t feel your feet make you feel like quitting your job. But you love teaching your students. Perhaps, you’re looking at other online jobs and wishing if you had a genie that’d create an online teaching job for you.

Well, you don’t need to wish for a genie anymore! It’s 2020 and teachers can work from home too! Thanks to advanced technology and the internet. Now, teachers can teach through online as a part-time job for some extra bucks, or they can have a full-time job which is also a pretty good deal. There are even some jobs related to this profession where you don’t have to use your voice either. So, here we present you top 10 fantastic legitimate work from home jobs for teachers where you can find the dream job you’ve always wanted.

Table of Contents

  1. Online Teachers
  2. Online Tutor
  3. Writing Coach
  4. Educational Writer
  5. Blogger
  6. Test Scorer
  7. Teaching Materials Provider
  8. Educational Consultant
  9. Editor
  10. Virtual Assistant

1.     Online Teachers

Fantastic Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for Teachers

Teaching is always lovable by all teachers. Many of them may divert their profession for different reasons, but maximum teachers enter this profession for their passion for teaching. If you are that zealous about your job, you can teach online too! Now, online schools are becoming much famous for the comfort and quality education they provide.

Also, many institutions now have a full digitalized version of their regular courses, which save time and energy and provides an ease to both teachers and students. So, if you have that teaching ability flowing on your heart, also want to stay at home, just go and click those apply buttons online for becoming an online teacher!

2.     Online Tutor

Do you ever feel like teaching the only subjects where you have the most expertise? Online tutoring ensures you of fulfilling your desire. You can earn some extra bucks relaxing at home while teaching a few students the course you enjoy the most. This can be an extra income, or if you want you can work as an online tutor remotely for a living.

Thanks to the amazing video conferencing technologies like Zoom and Skype, etc. those are playing the lead roles here. You can get in touch with your students one-to-one and teach them without facing any organizational restrictions. According to PayScale, the average salary of an online tutor is approximately $19-$20, by which you can tell it’s a pretty good amount.

3.     Writing Coach

teacher helping student
Source: Pexels

Writing is hard, but it’s an essential skill in all occupations. Whether someone is corporate personnel or merely a student, they need to be fluent in writing daily. If you have an excellent capability to compose stunning sentences within the perfect sentence structure, you can become a writing coach!

You can teach other people how to construct sentences, which tone to use, how people can differentiate their compositions from others, etc., and also get paid a handsome payment. According to Glassdoor, a writing coach can earn up to $40,089 per year. The best thing about this job is, you can do all of it lying all day around on your favorite couch with a stable internet connection and your laptop.

4.     Educational Writer

We assume you have an excellent writing skill. Yet, you hate your current teaching profession but love to work on educational contents. So, we recommend you to apply as an educational writer. It’ll provide you with a relief of interacting with the students regularly.

Also, you get to research, that too in a comfortable position at home. The income from this job is also pretty decent! You can earn $12-$64 hourly depending on the focus and analysis of your writing. PayScale reports that a freelance educational writer can earn $39,444 annually at an average. 

5.     Blogger

Blogging is another fantastic legitimate work from home job for teachers. Previously, people used to write blogs for their own websites as a mere hobby. Gone are those days where blogging was not considered a profession. Now, you can become a blogger very quickly by working for different companies.

You may write in different niche according to the company’s requirement and make it as your permanent work from home job. You can also create contents for part-time remote jobs as well and get paid at an hourly rate. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for blogging and sharp your writing skills too!

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6.     Test Scorer

Are you looking for part-time jobs to get some extra cash on top of your permanent teaching profession? Well, you can reach for websites that have test scorers for checking different skill tests. A lot of people apply for international exams such as GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, etc. to test language proficiency and aptitude through different companies.

You can mark those sheets and become a test scorer! However, a test scorer requires having a bachelor’s degree with prior teaching experience. If you are already a teacher, you’ll definitely gain an advantage in this field. Undoubtedly, we can consider it as one of the most straightforward jobs to perform from home.

7.     Teaching Materials Provider

A non-conventional type of teaching profession is to provide teaching materials online. Probably you are a teacher with vast experience and knowledge on teaching decorum; you know all the ins and out by teaching all these years. So, why not use these to excel more? Though the payment is less attractive for an extra income, this can be the right choice. So, what do you say? Let’s make your hard work pay off! 

8.     Educational Consultant

Was there a time when you wanted to become an entrepreneur but became a teacher instead? Well, now it’s time to get back on your dream again. You can build up an educational agency or consultant firm that provides educational tips to corporates. You can also provide coaching to teachers and administrators as an educational consultant.

The job is wholly entrepreneurial. So, you need to be careful and a risk-taker. However, this job is not entirely home-based. You might need to meet with your clients at times and fix your agenda. Apart from this, you can work mostly from home in your pajamas whenever you wish. 

9.     Editor

Perhaps the most common work, a teacher, has to do is editing. A teacher needs to review, edit, and proofread the students’ tasks daily. If you think you’re great at grammar and have impeccable language proficiency, try out working from home as an editor.

As a teacher you would already know the rules, perhaps you are expert in it. You just need to take extra care of your clients’ preferences and requirements. If you are experienced enough and have excellent knowledge, you can also increase your hourly rate. This way, you can have a larger payment, sitting at your home, working in your cozy blanket.

10.    Virtual Assistant

project management

One of the fantastic legitimate work from home jobs is becoming a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you can work with documents and discussions. You may have to do a lot of researching, which perhaps is a plus point for you because you have that experience. Apart from these, you’ll work in social media marketing, email marketing, designing Pinterest pins, creating product covers, etc.

The most obvious and easy work here is to edit and proofread numerous articles and product descriptions. We’re pretty sure you’ll ace in it. Just think it’s one of your student’s answer script! A lot of people are now becoming Virtual Assistants. It’s a comfortable job that you do by staying at home and watching your favorite show on TV. So, your skills as a teacher are in demand!

Final Verdict

Teaching is definitely a fun and respectable job. You get to build a student from his/her learning age. However, we know sometimes it can get tiresome even if you love the job. The daily chaos outside might make you leave your job instantly. Hey, we’ve got your back! We don’t want to make yourself regret later.

To relieve you from the aching, we’ve found out the best suitable jobs that you can do from home as a teacher. Check out the descriptions above and see if any of them fits you perfectly. You’ve got the skills, you’ve got the passion, and now you got time too! Save yourself some time by doing one of these fantastic legitimate work from home jobs for teachers and enjoying your life. Make your life more comfortable with some extra time and money in hand.