Top 12 Best Part Time Jobs That Don’t Deal with Customers

Best Part Time Jobs that Don’t Deal with Customers: Let’s say you got a job, has a pretty decent payment, the environment is pleasing, but you need to deal with a lot of customers. By a lot of customers, we mean A LOT! You probably can’t even keep count on your fingers! If you’re an introvert who feels socially awkward interacting people, we bet you hate your job already!

We don’t recommend pursuing your career where you’d feel emotionally drained out. So, what’s the solution? Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are actually pretty awesome parttime jobs that don’t deal with customers. You’ll get paid for your tasks done and that too chilling on your own. You might wonder it’s a lot of hassle to find these jobs. We read your mind! Here are the top 12 best part time jobs that don’t deal with customers:

Table of Contents

  1. Freelance Software Developer
  2. Transcribing
  3. Editing
  4. Proofreading
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Pastry Chef
  7. Delivery Driver
  8. Translation
  9. Data Entry
  10.  Accounting and Bookkeeping
  11.  Dog Walker
  12.  Pet Groomer

1.     Freelance Software Developer

Best Part Time Jobs That Don’t Deal with Customers
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Freelance jobs are a combination of comfort and outstanding payment. If you have the knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and all the other software languages, then sir you’re in high demand! Companies pay a hefty sum to software developers for building and maintaining their websites.

Your interaction will be more with computers, less with people. You can also enjoy your work relaxing on a beach or at home in your favorite couch. You just need a stable internet connection and a high-powered computer/laptop.

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2.     Transcribing

Are you a good listener? Do you have a speedy typing ability? If so, then this job is for you! Whether you are a college student or someone who’s looking for quick extra bucks, you can apply to a transcribing job.

The work is all about listening to audios and transcribing on the computer. You’ll need a good set of headphones for that. This job is one of the best for introverts who love working alone peacefully.

3.     Editing

Editing is one of the most demandable jobs right now. Editing is needed everywhere. From college assignments to sales emails, you can’t skip a moment where we don’t need editing.

If you are excellent in languages and have an impeccable grammar skill, go ahead, companies are looking for you! These jobs don’t require too much communication, apart from contacting the client for tasks. You can also do the jobs at home in your cozy blanket.

4.     Proofreading

So, we’ve talked about editing as a part-time job. What comes next? Proofreading! Most of the people confuse editing and proofreading as similar tasks, but they have lot of distinctive features. Sure, both needs impeccable grammar skills and an excellent command over language, but both works differently.

After all the editing is done, you need to proofread the material. A proofreader checks the script for the last time and points out all the tiny errors that have been occurred. With a detail-oriented eye, you have to fix all the misspelled words, correct all the typos, look for punctuation errors etc.

There are many clients who seek for proofreaders to make their scripts ready for the final touch. This is also a homebased part-time job where you’ll get paid working in your comfort zone.

5.     Graphic Design

graphics designer jobs freelancer

Graphic designing is another fantastic part-time job opportunity if you are a creative person. You don’t need to deal with the customers at all in this job. That’s why it’s one of our favorites! You get to play with the colors and tools, build up your own imagination and get paid handsome money.

What can be better than this! However, you must keep in mind your client’s requirements while working. Another significant aspect of this job is that you can work independently from anywhere. So, we recommend creative people to gear up and start applying for graphic design jobs right now!

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6.     Pastry Chef

Now we’ll be talking about a mouthwatering job. You guessed it right! It’s about a job that involves food. More specifically, we’re introducing you to part-time pastry chef opportunities. Sounds interesting? If you have sufficient training on pastry art, you’ll definitely ace this job and have a lot of fun.

Your work will be entirely in the kitchen with pastry ingredients, swirling those savory pastries and giving them a unique look. It’s okay if you don’t have prior experience. Hard work and determination will cover that up. We think this job will be an excellent fit for you, just like the sweet sprinkles on top of a pastry.    

7.     Delivery Driver

If you love driving so much and looking to make some extra bucks, you can join companies as a delivery driver. All you require is a driving license and willingness to drive with products. This job may need a little communication with customers, but we can assure you that it won’t be as a storytelling competition.

Just a small smile on your face will do the job as well. When your love for roads and work combine together, your mind will be dancing. This part-time job will also take less of your time and provide you with ultimate satisfaction.

8.     Translation

We’re here again with another part-time job that you can do as a freelancer. With a bit of knowledge in a second language, you can get great opportunities in the translation world. Many companies hire employees for interpreting a second language. If you have prior experience with an aptitude of learning and contributing, you can be a great fit for this job.

As a translator, you won’t even need to communicate with clients or customers directly. A simple mail can be the only communication tool. It’ll definitely become your comfort zone as you won’t have to interact with a fake smile anymore.

9.     Data Entry

Perhaps the easiest job on internet is data entry. Well, it’s not too easy, but you won’t need to be too much technical in this field. If you have the ability to see details and love playing around with spreadsheets, data entry will be a perfect match for you. Though you can’t expect it as a high paying job, it’ll be safe as a part-time job.

10.    Accounting and Bookkeeping

There is a myriad of companies which look for part-time accountants and bookkeepers. By only having a high school degree, you can join an accounting firm for part-time and invest your time wisely. Before running for application, you need to question yourself if you love to work with numbers or not.

You should have great organizational skills with an eye for detail to work as an accountant. Having knowledge of bookkeeping software will be a plus point in this case.  You should work keeping in mind that you have to make a more significant impact on the companies. A lot of accounting jobs are usually full-time, but with a little research you can find some part-time jobs too.

11.  Dog Walker

Now we’re about to share some exciting news for dog lovers. You guys can have a real job too with having fun with dogs! All you need is to walk around with the dogs of your client. How simple does that sound! You’ll get paid for the work you love the most is like a dream come true. It won’t even feel like a job, but a fun time with those furry friends.

12.  Pet Groomer

Pets are adorable and fun to be with. If you care about pets too much, you can actually contribute as a pet groomer and also get paid. It’s a part time job where you might need to take care of dirty dogs. You’ll need to have some training first. Then, it’ll be easy for you to work as a pet groomer. Remember, if you’re not comfortable with grooming pets, this job won’t be the right choice.

Final Verdict

You see, there are numerous jobs out there that are part time jobs and don’t deal with customers at all. You can just be on your own, having a relaxing, productive working mind and acing with all the skills you acquire.

Some of the these part time jobs that don’t deal with customers might need a few interactions with the clients, but that is only to ensure your payment. These jobs are the best because they will give you an independent working environment, where you can thrive the way you always wanted. So, if you are a motivated person, but don’t want to deal with customers, check out the options above in this article. We’ve tried to provide the best job offerings with a summary of details you need to know before applying to these jobs. Find out which job suits you the most and make your time productive.

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