Top 13 Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere in the World

Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere: Remote jobs at home mean working from your happy place. Less pressure, zero transportation costs, no breaks. Both employers and employees are enjoying this new change as office costs have decreased tremendously. However, the biggest headache is that most of us have zero clue as to what jobs there are and just click on those glossy ads with an “Earn thousands of dollars at home” at home tag. Chances are they are earning loads of money and scamming you off every penny you earn.

If you want the digital nomad lifestyle, you should know that the opportunities you will find are endless. Whether you live right next to the office, on another continent or are vacationing in the Bahamas, technology is offering you the chance to work sitting right there, given you have an appropriate network. You will need to know what kinds of jobs are out there though. That’s why we are here – your work from home guru.

Once you start working on something you appreciate doing that is also earning you big bucks, you can make your transition from your cubicle to your couch. Don’t think you’re alone. A survey as old as 2016 states that 43% of Americans have worked remotely for a living. People are working on a wide variety of jobs, work that used to be considered mandatory to be done at an office desk. Living and working in the US is a great way of living. When finding a place to live while working remotely, you will find some great pieces of advice from PlaceVista.

Career paths and options have come a long way since then and profitable jobs are easy to find once you have the right set of skills. While some of these jobs require spontaneous activity and dexterity, there are a few that will allow you to learn on the job while you sweat your way to your first salary. We have rummaged through existing jobs and incomes available on the internet for you to BYOB and work according to your own schedule from anywhere (sitting on beach or in a resort with cup of coffee in hand).

Here are the top 13 jobs you can try out from anywhere around the world.

1. Online Instructor:

online teaching

If you are a fan of teaching, you will find immense scope in the teaching field. Thanks to the advancement of technology and software such as Skype, Zoom and Google Meet, teaching is not limited to classrooms anymore. You can be any kind of teacher such as a Math tutor, a karate sensei, an adjunct professor, an ESL teacher, a special-need mentor, a language trainer, or even a yoga guru.

Part of your teaching job will include preparing course materials and keeping yourself up-to-the-minute with the subject you are teaching.

Average salary: $19.30 per hour (varies greatly)

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2. Customer Service Representative

Customer service jobs are available worldwide and you can be done from anywhere, with freelancers being required by companies to help increase sales and support their backbone. Your job may vary according to hours and kind needed by the company. You can handle customer complaints, present company information, assist in troubleshooting, or answer questions through voice calls or by acting as a live chat agent.

This will require tough communication skills and the ability to stay calm under pressuring situations. Spontaneous service representatives often earn more and are more likely to be promoted in contrast to those who take 12 to 15 minutes to handle a customer.

Average salary:

General – $14.33 per hour

Head of customer support – $45,000 per year

3. Food Safety Auditor

A service related to the food industry, you will need to conduct audits around areas of GMP or Food Safety Systems. Although this position has a lot of money, it requires a degree in food or science or at least 5 years of experience.

Along with government regulations of countries you will be applying to, you will need to be involved in HACCP, or benchmarked schemes of GFSI such as IFS, SQF, BRC etc. This may sound like a lot to process for one job, but the food industry is expanding extensively and so is the need for food safety auditors.

Average salary: $55,376 per hour

4. Pattern Maker

This is generally a fun job if you know what you are doing. Jobs on making patterns are found in any field such as clothing design, architecture, furniture design and other digital sequences can be done from anywhere in world. Buyers primarily ask for experience in the industry so that you have basic understanding in the core building processes along with correct molding of the designs.

You will need to be skilled in prototype designing, programming, pattern making as well as 3D modelling. Those interested in cloth pattern making are known to have experience with all kinds of fabric professionally. Their sketches and labels are worth serious money.

Average salary: $40,000+ per year

5. Virtual Assistant

Those who have spent time at an office know how it is to be a virtual assistant. First things first, this is not fetching coffee or arranging the boss’s lunch. This is more of handling phone calls, sending emails, filing paperwork, coordinating meetings and handling schedules, in a nutshell, everything your boss is too lazy to do, remotely.

If you have decent technical skills of handling Microsoft Office and Google Spreadsheets, and are a good communicator, then you can try your hand at being a virtual assistant, administrative assistant, or whatever they call it.

Average salary: Median salary of $22.50 per hour

6. Web Developing

The world of web developing is immense now and it is also the highest compared to other website building work. You might have tools to automatically get half the job done but nothing beats a coder building huge dimensions of websites and highly defined applications and software from scratch. Experienced web developers are known to make a fortune of money after working for years.

Web developers have a solid foundation on content management systems, search engine optimization, HTML, CSS etc. They also have working knowledge on Google Analytics, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Adobe Marketing Cloud, Facebook and YouTube insights. Since they web developers shift their work from client to client, they require excellent communication and writing skills along with customer care.

Average salary: $50,000 to $68,000 per year

7. Translation Services

The world is right now in favor of multi-linguals. Companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs are seeking translators for both projects and long-time support. You are principally asked to be the middle-man to connect to foreign areas. You can either translate surveys, websites, or information regarding academics, legal info, corporate, insurance, judicial field.

Transcriptionists are also in high demand currently. While most organizations look for transcription services or speech-to-text service in their own language, many have a sector for chief languages and languages from all around the world. Court, medical, insurance and movie transcription jobs are constantly available anywhere.

Average Salary: $30,000 to $50,000 per year

8. Event Planning

Imagine everything you do while hosting an event. Now picture this from halfway around the world. Although event planners are demanded with a rather physical presence, online planners can handle the same tasks except for maybe a firm handshake. Your duties normally include overseeing and coordinating event logistics, budgeting, sponsorship, promotions, generating audience, necessary electronics, and the overall structure of the event.

An event planner performs as the collaboration between the event producers, the executive and the staff. Event planners may be preferred physically, but if you can show your client an outstanding portfolio, you have a higher chance of being chosen in contrast to local event planners.

Average Salary: $39,000 per year

9. Voice-over

This job is specifically for those who have an agreeable voice. There are some people who have the correct blend of frequency, harmony, fluency and air pressure that makes their voice sound exciting in contrast to the rest of us. Compare the probability of finding this talent with that of finding a hand or a shoe model. A voice-over artist can find jobs in TV programs, radio programs, games, tunes, dubbing, documentaries, audiobooks and commercials.

A wrong start would be to provide samples not created with the right technology. You will need a home studio, professional grade recording equipment and sound buffers to record your tracks. With continuous practice, you will be faster and better at your job. Voices similar to or that can mimic celebrities often receive huge offers.

Average salary: $29,000 to $65,000 per year

10. SEO Specialist

Google seo jobs anywhere

The world of Search Engine Optimization is vast and has a serious level of demand currently. The reason is that the field is increasingly complex and takes years of learning in comparison to related areas such as graphic designing and content writing. Once you master Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Jobs, you will find an immense number of companies searching for you anywhere across the globe

Everyone wants to see their website in the front page and they know that an SEO specialist knows the exact website content can allow them to rank higher on Google. SEM on the other hand is working with advertisements including PPC into websites present in Google, social media sites such as Facebook as well as YouTube channels.

Average Salary: $40,000 to $55,000 per year

11. Writing and Editing

Writing and editing is much easier than other jobs as you require no degrees and can start writing immediately. Those with less expertise in an international language require a few courses to start. This is a job where you develop yourself while working and can increase your payment as you master the skill. People with more knowledge in the field can start their work as copywriters or even editors.

You can try your hand at content writing, ghost writing or blogging and see which area you find your comfort zone in. If you want to be unique, then you should try writing in categories such as for grants, press releases, online courses, proposals, marketing copies, technical, medical or scientific writing. A wide group of people are earning thousands through online blogging by combining their writing skills with email marketing, lead magnets and sales funnels.

Average salary: $40,000 to $50,000

12. Digital Marketing

Businesses know how effective their digital marketing is when advertising products. A digital marketer grabs the right audience by successfully handling content, social media, SEO, email marketing, and creating both paid and organic leads. Digital marketers are hired by entrepreneurs and SaaS (Software as a Service) companies who can easily complete given tasks online.

You can also create your own agency or offer your work on freelancing websites where you can ask for high prices depending on your skills. If you don’t have a knack for the entire field of digital marketing, you can work simply as a social media marketer. Once you have a huge number of followers and can easily get the word out or create a hype, you can introduce yourself to businesses as a social media marketer.

Average Salary: $53,000 to $126,000

13. Designer

Does creativity ooze out of you like chocolate from a lava cake? Do you visualize colors and shapes everywhere you look around? Are you an art enthusiast? You can give a hand at designing. Designers are often hired by SaaS companies, almost every business, small or big, start-ups, and digital agencies to handle their creative tasks, so you can get jobs in this field anywhere no matter where you belong.

Whether you are working as a graphic designer or illustrator, you will need to be an expert at designing charts, diagrams, business cards visulas, logos, info-graphics and other materials clients would like to feast their eyes upon. You can also work as an e-interior designer and lay out magnificent decorations. E-interior designers are able to grab a broader and more specific audience.

Average Salary: $30,000 to $40,000 per year


Finding work yourself by looking through decent websites and searching for work on freelancing platforms is safe and can save you a lot of time. Never apply for jobs that ask for money for registration or have ridiculously high salaries for easy tasks. Apart from that, choose a job that fits you, learn a course or two and start working your butt off.