Top 8 Legitimate Overnight Work From Home Jobs (Apply Now!)

Would you be interested in an overnight work from home? We bet you’ll grab the opportunity if you feel energized at night! The world is digitalizing now. People tend to prefer working from home than going outside. It saves both time and energy.

The good thing is that now night shift works are also becoming remote. You don’t need to go outside at night for work now. You can chill in your favorite couch with your laptop and get your job done with ultimate satisfaction. It’s also a blessing for the people who can’t spare moments for their families.

Even if you are looking for some extra bucks and have the energy to work more at night, these jobs are here to save you! Hence, we’ve narrowed down eight exclusive legitimate overnight work from home job offers only for people like you. Go through the article to find out more details of these jobs and apply to your favorite one immediately!

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Table of Contents

  1. RBC Advice Centre
  2. Convo Communications Canada, Inc
  3. Cision Distribution
  4. 3 Play Media
  5. Fancy Hands
  6. SherWeb
  7. Paper
  8. LiveOps

1. RBC Advice Centre

If you are a gullible person with a sweet tone, then RBC Advice Center will provide you the perfect opportunity. Mainly, RBC is looking for Customer Service Representatives who can handle clients at nightshift. This type of work usually revolves around, reaching out to RBC clients whenever they need advice.

Since it’s a remote job, you won’t need to meet the clients physically, but contact them through phone, email, video calls, social media, chats, etc. You’ll be providing solutions to the clients any problems they would face in the middle of the night. It’s a must to have a friendly but professional tone in this case. More importantly, RBC Advice Centre will not only provide you ease working at night but simply assist you in reaching out a higher career path.

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2. Convo Communications Canada, Inc

Are you interested in working with the Video Relay Services (VRS)? If so, then Convo Communications is looking for you! They are offering overnight work from home with a hefty sum payment. You’ll be working here as an overnight video interpreter.

You need to have proficiency in interpreting videos along with the ability to maintain the required standard. They will provide necessary training sessions to give more in-depth knowledge about what type of work they actually do. They prefer minimum 3-years of VRS interpreting experience, and if you have minimum 5-years of community interpreting experience, you will be prioritized.

Moreover, your nights will be fun if you really enjoy the job! However, they expect you to be a team player in nature as well as an individual expert to ace as a video interpreter.

3. Cision Distribution

Cision Distribution is renowned for its content production, working both for government and private projects. They are looking for an enthusiastic Bilingual Client Content Specialist who can work from home at night. They guarantee a 100% friendly environment with maximum work support.

You’ll be thrilled to learn that candidates do not necessarily need to be from a specific background; they welcome everyone as long as the candidate is an avid reader, open-minded and a constant learner. There are two weekends and the working hours are from 11pm to 7am.

If you know both French and English fluently, congratulations, you’re on Cision’s choice list! The company also focuses on employing candidates based on their experience and skill; so, you can be assured about the fairness in candidate selection.

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4. 3 Play Media

3 Media Play is offering jobs for an Audio Transcriber. All they require is just proficiency in English grammar and punctuation. Sounds easy right? You need to be above 18 years old to apply for this job. Before final selection, you’ll have to sit for a series of tests for assessing your abilities and all of them will be conducted online.

However, the company expects at least 75 wpm typing speed from each candidate. It’s an overnight work from home job, and you’ll get paid between $10-$30 per hour. 3 Play Media expects quality writing for all of their projects. Also, understanding Spanish will be a plus point for you in transcribing Spanish audio. 

5. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is offering job positions like Virtual Assistance (VA), Managerial positions. Your job will be assisting in helping schedule client’s meetings, appointments or anything they ask for. A good headset, microphone, computer, and stable internet is what Fancy Hands would require from you.

As a VA, clients may also want you to send necessary emails, to conduct data entry, make phone calls for them and so many more tasks. You’re expected to be energized and motivated at night as it’s an overnight job. The diversity of the job itself explains why you need to fuel yourself during working hours. Your motto should be just making tasks easier for your client.

However, Fancy Hands expects strong communication skills as the meetings will take place through the internet. You have to understand your client’s requirements properly and respond to them with clarity. You can expect $3-$7 per completed task. If you work in the managerial position of Fancy Hands, you’ll be expected to monitor Virtual Assistants under you.  

6. SherWeb

SherWeb is an IT company that employs System Administrators for the IT Operations team. This is a full-time permanent job which you can do in the night shift. The company aims to simplify the IT processes in different businesses by adopting cloud technology. They expect employees to resolve any incidents and support the Technical Team. You have to determine the root of the problems that occurred and take care of it as urgent as possible.

Along with solving problems, you also have to monitor the duties, update to your superiors, and work with the team, maintaining a professional balance. Does the work sound interesting to you?

Check out if you have these qualifications to apply – they expect a candidate with a piece of comprehensive knowledge in Computer Science. Following, minimum 3-years of experience is required in System Administration to apply for the job. You should have technical skills like troubleshooting, automation, thorough knowledge in Microsoft and Linux Systems Management.

On top of everything, they expect you to be a continuous learner of new technologies and services. However, communication skill is essential for this job. If you have proficiency in English and French, you will be one step ahead in the game.

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7. Paper

Paper is a reputed educational company that works for personalized learning by partnering with many innovative schools. They provide a virtual platform where anyone can get access to tutors 24/7 and essay reviewers. To assist in the world of e-education, Paper offers jobs to Tutor Managers who can work entirely from home. It’s an excellent opportunity for the night owls because this position is a nightshift duty.

You’ll have to work for a minimum of 8 hours a day, but the working hours are flexible. So, yes, you can take breaks whenever you want! The main attraction of this job is that you can get a two-weeks paid vacation whenever you want. However, the company requires a Bachelor’s degree in education or related field. Equivalent experience is also acceptable.

Candidates must have explicit knowledge in Math/Science or English and Humanities according to the preferred field. The candidate needs to be familiar with online tutoring and have high interpersonal skills, both personally and online. A minimum of 4 months of online tutoring experience will make you the best fit for the job. You can expect $20-$21.50 per hour as payment.

8. LiveOps

LiveOps calls for great customer service representatives who can work remotely and opts to work at night. You need to be proactive, communicative, and efficient in managing clients. The company oversees the agendas of agents and allows them to schedule overnight works.

You will get paid for per minute call. So, you can expect the best rate. You need to have a corded landline and a headset compatible with your phone. Usually, the company recommends its employees to work in a calm place with minimum distractions. You should give a satisfactory performance to the customers. After getting selected, you have to sign a contract for at least six months.

Final Verdict

Offline jobs are becoming outdated gradually. With the internet in hand, companies are focusing more on digitalizing their work and minimizing the extra cost of bearing a physical location. As jobs are becoming online, people are getting flexible hours to work, even dead at night! For making job search easier, we’ve done extensive research and found the best suitable job offers for you, night owls. Working at home in your couch, with too much energy and calmness in the environment, we bet you’ll love to work in one of these overnight jobs. So, hurry up, grab the opportunity and thank us later!