Where to Find Freelance Editing Jobs in 2021

Freelance Editing Jobs: This COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all pretty hard. There’s not really much to do at home and being productive is tougher than it seems. In this situation getting a job or starting a business sounds like a good idea.

Many people are finding online jobs that they can do from home and making a lot of money. If you have skills, you should try to monetize your abilities.

Different people have different skills such as graphics design, coding, cooking or baking, content writing, or editing. Since you are reading this article we are going to assume you are skilled in writing or editing.

If you have excellent grammar knowledge and good writing or editing skills, you should definitely try your luck in these kinds of jobs. So if you are looking for freelance editing jobs, you are looking in the right place.

In this article, we are going to show you where and how you will find freelance editing jobs without much difficulty. We will explain how each platform works and help you score your first freelance editing job. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

Editing Jobs

best freelance editing jobs 2020

Editing jobs are basically the kind of work where you are given a certain amount of text and you have to proofread and find errors to correct or modify the whole text. Sometimes you might even have to change the whole structure of a given text depending on your employer’s requirements.

Editing jobs are easier than writing jobs. While you will need excellent grammar skills for both, in case of editing you are fixing the errors of an already written document. This is by no means a simple task though. You will have to pay close attention to what you are doing in order to identify errors and whether the text needs modification or not.

So before you dive into the field to find a job, you need to make sure you have good sense of paying attention to detail. This will be a deciding factor whether you will be able to keep up doing editing jobs or not.

Now let’s look at methods and platforms for getting an editing job.

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Local Ads on News Portals

Sometimes various companies and agencies post adverts on new papers, websites and journals for hiring editors (and other posts) for their companies. These job offers usually include full-time employees, but sometimes they may look for freelancers.

We would recommend applying for the full time offers too, so if you get selected for the post, you could negotiate your duration of employment and sign a contract. Though technically it wouldn’t be freelance, but you still won’t have to be fully committed.

But if you want to stay strictly freelance, you can only apply for the ones that particularly mention freelancers needed. These will meet your specific requirements and will not require you to sign contracts and all that paperwork.

Freelance Marketplaces

In the online world, there are platforms called freelance markets. We’re sure you have heard of names of most of these marketplaces, as most of these are very common and well known in 2020.

freelance editing jobs

These online marketplaces are filled with freelancers who are looking for work and companies and agencies ready to hire anyone with great skills who are willing to get their job done.

Most of these websites (and apps) are free to use and you can make money from doing editing jobs from home by the help of these platforms.

All you need to do is create a profile and portray yourself as a professional editor who is experienced in editing and is skillful enough to deliver high quality service. Even if you are a beginner, showing this sort of confidence will ensure you lots of job offers.

There are many freelance marketplaces on the internet. Some very common ones are Freelancer.com, UpWork, Fiverr, etc. To help you score a freelance job on each of these platforms, we will show you how to create your portfolio and help you understand the algorithm of each platform.


Freelancer is an online freelancing marketplace that lets you browse through job offer and apply for each job. The way Freelancer works is similar to the adverts posted in news portals.

The slight difference being, in case of the local job offers (or any job offer) you have to submit your CV and other documents to show your skills. But for Freelancer you need to create a portfolio specifically for Freelancer which will highlight your skills along with some samples of work that you have done.


UpWork is probably the most popular freelancing market place in the world, from beginners who are only getting into the world of earning online to big business owners use or have used this platform to make money.

UpWork has the largest range of work available for freelancers. But there are more freelancers than there are jobs. So it is important to create a strong portfolio so the advertisers of the jobs notice you and appoint you for the task.

UpWork works similar to Freelancer. You have to create your portfolio in a similar way. You can also add external links to websites such as your blogs or online portfolios, so you can present yourself in the most professional way possible.

Once you start getting reviews, you will start receiving more tasks. The roles will reverse and you will be asked to do editing tasks by clients, instead of you having to apply for them.


LinkedIn is a mixture of an online CV and a job site. It is one of the most popular professional platforms out there. You can find various freelance job offers in LinkedIn as well.

As LinkedIn is the best online CV, portraying your skills, achievements and abilities is easier. As you will be portraying yourself as an editor, make sure to add all your English language certificates and achievements that show how adept you are in editing.

Applying for jobs is the only way to get jobs, so you need to be on a look out for job offers for editing being posted. Many companies and agencies post job offers for freelancers. Make sure you never miss an opportunity to apply for those.

The jobs posted in LinkedIn are generally from big companies, so that could potentially land you a full time job in a good workplace.


Fiverr works slightly differently from the platforms we mentioned above. Here you are not an employee trying to land a freelance job. Here you are a business owner trying to sell a service.

When trying to earn from Fiverr by editing, you need to, again, build your profile in a certain way to highlight your grammar/writing/editing skills. You need to portray yourself as an expert and show your clients why they should choose you as an editor for their project.

Unlike Freelancer and UpWork, you won’t be applying for a job. You have to create gigs and then market that gig to reach an audience so they can hire you as their editor from that gig. The better the quality of your gig, the more likely you are to get more clients.

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Jobs for Editors

No, this is not just a random section. Jobs for Editors is an actual website where you can specifically get freelance editing jobs. Here you will be assigned with editing tasks which you can do as a freelance editor.

They have some specific requirements to register to their site. You need to have an advanced level of English skills, attentiveness to details, analytical and critical thinking abilities, ability to meet deadlines and computer literacy.

Although not obligatory, it is great if you have a degree in linguistics, journalism, translation and interpretation or international relations. These will help you find a wide variety of jobs.

If you have any sort of work experience as editor, copyright writer or translator, that will come in handy.

Once you register to their site, you will get a week of free training. You will get a salary twice a month and be assigned with an adaptive workload. The best part is, you get to choose which jobs you want to do and have a flexible schedule. However, meeting deadlines is a must and you must be careful about it.

Bottom Line

So that’s all for getting Freelance editing jobs. We didn’t mention every single freelance marketplace in this article as that would take forever to cover. Your options are not limited to the platforms we mentioned, but these are indeed the best ones out there. We hope this article helped you find the perfect place to find a freelance editing job. If you have skills for it, and you know how to use that skill, finding editing jobs from the sources we discussed should be a piece of cake!