Zoom Vs Webex: A Detailed Comparison

Zoom Vs Webex: A Detailed Comparison: Our planet is going through one of the worst calamities since World War II. This has forced people to leave their conventional ways of living and adopt some new ways that are suitable for the COVID-19 stricken world. Within a couple of months, the pandemic engulfed the entire globe under its effect.

This caused problems for people in different aspects of life. Socializing is a natural human need but social distancing during the pandemic has made it difficult for people to carry out their meetings in the old way. With social distancing in effect, people are forced to carry out their activities according to the ‘new normal’. This is where video conferencing apps come in.

Video conferencing apps have proven to be very useful during the pandemic. They are no longer just used as a tool to communicate with your loved ones instead they perform many more functions. In the current world, video conferencing apps are being used by educational institutes to carry out regular classes, they are being used by businesses to carry out important meeting and training sessions, talk show hosts are using to talk to guests on their shows and last but not the least people are using these video conferencing apps to talk to their loved ones.

Video conferencing apps and virtual meetings have acted as a blessing in such a stressful time where you can’t go out and meet people in person.

There are many video conferencing apps out there however two of the apps that have shown great promise during this social distancing time are Zoom and Webex. Let’s take a look zoom vs webex comparison.


zoom vs webex
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Zoom software is a product by Zoom Video Communications. The company strictly deals with fulfilling video conferencing needs of people from different field of life. It is used for both personal and professional needs. The popularity of Zoom picked up during the start of the pandemic. It is being used by celebrities to carry out video shows on their YouTube and social media platforms. Schools and universities have also been using Zoom to carry out classes. This is because of the fact that you can carry out a large conference call with multiple participants on Zoom.


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Webex entered the market way before Zoom. It was founded in 1995 and in 2007 the company was taken over by Cisco. Like Zoom, Webex is also used by both individuals and professionals however most of its use is strictly professional. Webex offers a wide range of services for people looking to fulfil a range of different video conferencing needs.

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Spread Of The Brand

Zoom is more widely used software of the two in comaprison of Zoom vs webex. This is because of the fact that it is used by businesses ranging from small scale to large scale. In addition to that it is also used by educational institutes and individual.

Webex is more focused on serving enterprises and large corporations. The packages it offers are more suitable for professionals at large scale companies.


Both Zoom and Webex offer hardware to accompany their programs. When it comes to hardware, Webex is the preferred choice as it owned by Cisco. Cisco is known for its high quality technological products including LCD screens and cameras.

Valued Added Features

Both Zoom and Webex offer many value added services in addition to video conferencing services. So if you need tools for VoIP and Webinars, you can get them get both these features and many other additional value added features on both these programs. So not only these programs offer video conferencing services but also offer an entire suite of tools and programs that can complement the video conferencing feature of the softwares.


When it comes to audio and video quality then many professionals tend to prefer Zoom over Webex. This does not mean that Webex’s quality is bad. It also offers a high quality video conferencing experience but according to most professionals who have used both programs, Zoom’s quality is slightly better than that of Webex.

Limitations of Both Programs

Even though these programs are great for video conferencing but there are still some limitations to both these programs. These limitations are based on user experience.

Zoom offers both desktop version and browser version however the browser version does not have all the features offered in the desktop version. Zoom is known for its user friendly interface, however some people do complain about the ‘leave meeting’ button as it sometimes disappears from the screen.

According to some users who have used different video conferencing platforms, Webex videos tends to lag more as compared to other platforms. In addition to that Webex video program has a slightly more difficult user interface. Learning and using these features can be difficult for some users.

Pricing: Webex vs Zoom: Which Program Offers Better Pricing

Price is one of the most important factors that can influence a purchase decision. It can help businesses create value for the customers. Both Zoom and Webex offer competitive prices for their video conferencing software. They both also offer a free version for people looking to experience the programs before they can make a decision of spending their hard earned cash on these softwares.

Free versions are great as they let people get a feel of the product however you have to pay for the full version of the software if you want to enjoy all the features offered by the program. One great thing about Webex’s free version is that it offers its users to experience video conferences of any desired length. However Zoom offers a maximum limit of 40 minutes per video call in the free version.

Zoom offers a total of four pricing packages for its users. These packages are;

Basic Package– This package is totally free and allows up to 100 participants with a maximum limit of 40 minutes for each group chat.

Pro Package- This package is perfect for small teams. This package is available for $149.90. This package also allows 100 participants and unlimited group meetings. You can also enjoy social media streaming with this package. You would save a total of $30 with this package.

Business Package- This package is ideal for small and medium scale businesses. This package is available at $199.90. These package include features like company branding, cloud recording, and allows up to 300 participants. This package starts at 10 licenses available for $1999 per year. You would save $400 if you get this package.

Enterprise Package- There are two different types of offering in this package. You can either get the Enterprise package or the Enterprise+ package. This package is offered specially for large scale companies. You can host up to 1000 participants with Enterprise+ package. You can get 100 licenses for $19990 per year. It would get unlimited cloud storage in this package in addition to a specially dedicated manager for your account.

Webex offers a total of five different packages for its clients.

The following table will help you understand prices offered by Webex.

Price Per Month$0 Per Host$13.50 Per Host$17.95 Per Host$26.95 Per HostYou can get personalized packages keeping in mind the needs of your business .The price may vary according to the customized package you get. You can contact customer support to get a specialized plan for your business.
ParticipantsMax 100Max 100Max 100Max 200Max 100,000
Hosts11 – 91 – 505 – 100Unlimited
Cloud StorageNo Storage5 GB5 GB10 GBUnlimited
Video LengthMax 50 Minutes24 Hrs.24 Hrs.24 Hrs.24 Hrs.
SupportOnly Online SupportSupport On Chat and CallSupport On Chat and CallSupport On Chat and CallSupport On Chat and Call. In addition to this, you will also get a specific customer support representative for your business.

In addition to the above features you can also add optional features for some extra price. These additional features can be added to any of the above (paid) plans.

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Which One Should You Choose?

Both Webex and Zoom are good video conferencing programs. They both have a large client base. If you are looking for a video meeting and conferencing software for your personal or professional needs then you need to compare the features and pricing of both the softwares mentioned above in this comparison zoom vs webex.

At the end of the day, you have to choose the software that you feel will fulfil your video conferencing needs in the best way possible. One of the best ways to choose a video conferencing tool is to see which tool will provide you with the most value. So you can compare the features offered by each of the software against the price of the software and its respective packages. In addition to that if you have a specific priority then you can choose the program based on that.

For example, Webex offers great hardware along with their software so if your focus is on hardware then you should go with Webex. If your priority is higher quality of audio and video then many users have said that Zoom is the better choice. So you should prioritize your video needs and then choose the program based on your priority.